by rookje 01 Feb 2008

Help, I can't download the letter S today ,can anyone tell my wha?


by jrob Moderator 01 Feb 2008

Just keep trying sweetie and you will be able to eventually.

by ruthie 01 Feb 2008

rookje, this question has appeared a few times today, so here is the answer that I've been giving ***** at the top of this page is this message - ***** [ feb.1,2008 New Server ] Note: performing system maintenance. We are providing this notice to enable you to plan for any account administration that should take place before the maintenance period, in order to minimize any interruptions. We expect a shorter maintenance window from approximately 12-24 hours. We hope for your understanding and patience. ***** I think if you keep trying every now and then throughout the day eventually you'll be able to download the freebie. The site is in the process of having a *major* revamp, so difficulties are par for the course I guess. It can be a nuisance, but change doesn't come without teething problems does it. I think if a large number of people miss this letter because of site maintenance, it will be offered again, it might help if you all vote for it. I've given you a flower to welcome you to this site and keep you going 'til you get that freebie. Have a fun day. I'll also vote for it.

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lr2008 by lr2008 15 Feb 2008

the FLOWER FAIRIE was here and watered your flower!