by nsackett 23 Jan 2008

What is the meaning or purpose of the item Flowers: with a number and flower?


by marjialexa Moderator 23 Jan 2008

We don't know, but here's one for each of you!! Can't be anything but good, right?

by shirlener88 23 Jan 2008

Boy, I sure don't know - but mine says that I have 146 of them - wished that I knew, too!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 27 Mar 2008

Wow, that was 64 days ago - now it is 4726

shirlener88 by shirlener88 07 Jul 2008

Wow, now I have 19520 at it is 070708!

by ruthie 23 Jan 2008

Nsackett, it's like tmjanecek said, only the site administrator really knows the meaning or purpose of the flowers. But if you care to work back though some of the recent questions you'll find heaps of info on what we (who know nothing about it really) think it could be about. You'll also learn how to give flowers to other people. Until all is revealed we are just enjoying giving flowers to friends. It's a way of saying 'thanks for asking that question', 'thanks for your help', 'I love your project', or any number of reasons. And we don't really need a reason - sometimes we just feel like giving flowers away. So enjoy! I've given you a flower just because you asked this question and are new to this site. I've also given tmjanecek a flower because she took the time to answer. So have fun giving and receiving flowers, hope you soon have a bouquet!

tmjanecek by tmjanecek 23 Jan 2008

Thank you ruthie!

nsackett by nsackett 15 Jul 2008

I just found this thread of replies. I guess I'll continue to wonder like everyone else. Thanks ruthie for the free flower.

by tmjanecek 23 Jan 2008

This is a great question and has been the biggest mystery to us all! We all have wondered and contemplated what they could be for, but only the owners of the site really know.