by embroiderynmore 18 Nov 2010

Does anyone know how to create a font using font maker? I have pe design version 7. Thank you


getEdited - SELECT
by sewmom 18 Nov 2010

Good question. I hope someone will help.

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Nov 2010

I too have PE design and work like gerryvb. I also know nothing about fontmaker as I find the PE design excellent.
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by gerryvb 18 Nov 2010

I don't know anything about fontmaker but I have Pe 7 too.In Layout and Editing you can open a textarea by clicking on the A. and you can type the text you want.When you have done so in the top left corner you see the name and size of the font you used.You can use the fonts that are in your computer to create a text that way. good luck :)

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embroiderynmore by embroiderynmore 18 Nov 2010

Yeah, I have done this. I was just curious about the font maker. I have taken a few digitizing lessons, on line, but noone ever covered the font maker.