by ravyn 17 Jan 2008

Isn't todays free design pretty? It would look great for Valentines in red/pink. A huge thank-you to the designer(s) here - you do great work! Thanks for be SO generous giving free designs!


by marjialexa Moderator 18 Jan 2008

Yes to both of you! I love the designs on these sites, the digitizer is amazing. OK, tell me if I've been looking at designs too long, or I need to be on more medication. Doesn't that cat look like Gorbachev, with his little double chin, crooked smile, pudgy little belly? OK, it's the medication, right. Guess I'm in a silly mood today.

ruthie by ruthie 18 Jan 2008

What are you on Marji!!! Maybe you need to be on LESS 'medication' - is any of it illegal. No, really I agree, he's a very cute little Gorbachev. I'm going to stitch him on one of Ravyn's freebie hearts instead of a word. Hope you don't object to that Ravyn, but I just thought he looked so good with the redwork effect of the heart. Keep that silly mood Marji - silly moods make the world a happier place!

ruthie by ruthie 18 Jan 2008

Has anyone noticed that we seem to have more 'space' for comments - I didn't get cut-off like we used to do! Thanks to the site administrator for fixing this, I love it.

by ruthie 17 Jan 2008

I second that Ravyn. Today's redwork cat design is so cute for Valentines, but then they really have heaps of absolutely gorgeous designs on the Cute/Lovely/Alphabet sites. We're really spoilt for choice, aren't we, thanks to the digitiser(s).

ravyn by ravyn 17 Jan 2008

Oh, I didn't even see the cat! Got it now! I was talking about the one under "Cute", with the swans & swirls. But the cat would be darling for Valentines also!

ruthie by ruthie 18 Jan 2008

They're both beautiful Ravyn, and very suitable for Valentines. But then it isn't difficult to find beautiful designs on these sites is it. They're all beautiful and stitch-out so well, thanks to the digitiser(s).