by raels011 16 Jan 2008

Just letting everyone know I am packed and leaving in a couple of hours for my trip. 19 hours of travel to get to Country Music Festival. Glad I am not going to miss any designs with membership


by jrob Moderator 18 Jan 2008

raels, sorry we didn't plan a date/time for you to go to the Peals Street live cam and wave at us! Hope you have/had a blast!

by mops Moderator 17 Jan 2008

Raels, I am probable far too late, but I hope you have a fantastic time down-under. Enjoy.

by iris2006 17 Jan 2008

Hello RAels, hope you have a save yourney and a good time witg much plaesure. Come home safely

by marjialexa Moderator 17 Jan 2008

Hi, Raels, you're probably already gone, but I do hope you have a great time, travel safely, and come back to us singin' or hummin' or something country. Is it the same 'Country music' as in the USA, or does Australia have it's own brand of 'Country music'? See, you gals bring up things I have never thought about before, what an education! Anyway, hope your trip is/was super great!!!!!

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sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 18 Jan 2008

Marjialexa, Country music is the same all over if you have pay TV you can see some of the Australians singing on their way to Tamworth in the competitions and are shown on the Country music channel. Sandra

by sanjoy51 16 Jan 2008

Hello Raels, where are you travelling from I am in Queensland. Have a good trip and have a good time. Sandra.

raels011 by raels011 17 Jan 2008

Port Pirie in South australia where are you

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 18 Jan 2008

Bundamba near Ipswich west of Brisbane, Queensland

by ruthie 16 Jan 2008

Have a really fantastic time Raels, and travel safely. We'll miss you, see you when you get back.