by debcarlson 12 Nov 2010

I have to keep entering my password for access to all of your sites. This happens several times a day. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


by blueeyedblonde 15 Nov 2010

yes, me too! - I checked something on you embroidery from here and when I hit the back button, it brought me back but I had to sign in again.

by sewmom 15 Nov 2010

Yes, ever since the sites went down last week. Maybe the settings on the site are different or not set to what they were before. Maybe it's on purpose, a way to make the site not get overloaded.
Have you noticed that the margins aren't the same at the top of this page too? Designs By Cuties is continued on a second line.

by castelyn 15 Nov 2010

Yes , I must log in every time as well. I have reload into favorites, but still must log in. hugs Yvonne

by raels011 14 Nov 2010

Yes it is happening to me just about everytime I go from one section to another

by mranderson 14 Nov 2010

I have just re-entered it in my favourites (bookmark) and I think that has worked.

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mranderson by mranderson 14 Nov 2010

Didn't work!!!!!

by ramona 14 Nov 2010

Happening to all. It might be a new safety thing with the recent problem the site has had. Hey, re-entering our info is the least we can do to enjoy these wonderful sites!! :-)

by persiancatlover 14 Nov 2010

your not alone i have also this problem,gr connie

by mranderson 14 Nov 2010

Yes, this is happening to everyone. It may be a way of keeping more connections open because we are not logging off. I think we will have to get used to it and learn to live with it. Marg

by twee 14 Nov 2010

it is happening to me too. Frustrating, only the cute sites.

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 15 Nov 2010

Go to DBS or planet applique, Yahoo you can tell it to keep you logged in for 2weeks then you have to re-enter it

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 15 Nov 2010

Sorry these sites log you out is what I was saying

by queenofhearts 13 Nov 2010

It is happening to me too, even though the "remember me" box is checked. This has only been going on since the site crashed last weekend. It is annoying when you pop in several times a day and have to log in every time.

by jofrog2000 13 Nov 2010

Yes, even where it is checked to remember. I don't even think to look until I try to dl something, and then have to start all over again.

by jacquipaul 13 Nov 2010

Same here, especially if I leave the site up on the computer to go do something else.

by clawton 13 Nov 2010

The only one I have to do it for is CuteAlphabets. It is anoying when you're not use to it.

by shuede 13 Nov 2010

Me, too!

by sewfrenzie 13 Nov 2010

I am having the same problem. I know its not my cookies because this is the only site it happens on. I figure there a still a few bugs that need to be worked out and am very grateful that I can log on at all. I know they are working hard to resolve the issues. I can't respond to comments on one of the sister sites but I don't have to log into that one. Have a great weekend everyone!!

by sdrise 13 Nov 2010

Ditto Me Too. I never had that problem before either. Suzanne

by gerryvb 13 Nov 2010

yes same overhere. but I will get used to it. This way I remember the password :)

by pam5296 13 Nov 2010

Yes, I have to log in each time, but I am glad to have the site back up and running.

by quilter124 13 Nov 2010

I am having problems. I can even be answering a question and it will have me to register. I don't even have to log out. I use to log out and in before the crash most of the time, but now it is hard for me to even stay on the site, as it seems I can only stay on for a short amount of time before it makes me log in.
****4 all

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msfancyvip by msfancyvip 13 Nov 2010

Ditto here exactly! ~Rita

by pomona 13 Nov 2010

I've the same problem too. Adriana

by highlandermom 13 Nov 2010

Yes I also have to log on.I check several times a day,I do not stay logged on to site.Just glad it is back!

by rwalden 13 Nov 2010

Yes, I have to do the same.

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Nov 2010

This is happening to me too. Perhaps so many Cuties never logged out and it was one of the reasons that there were problems

by trovato 13 Nov 2010

I don't have the problem. I don"t log out at all so everyting start up with firefox as soon as click on it, Yvonne

by bikermomfl 13 Nov 2010

I also am having the same log on problem. Every time I come here I have to enter my password and log in name. Never used to have to do that before the crash. do you think maybe it's a little blip that will get fixed?

by patriciaponder 13 Nov 2010

Since the crash I've had to log on often. Windows 7 remembers my password but it is an extra step or two each time.

by embroiderymad 13 Nov 2010

Sometimes it logs me off but I just came back now have had the computer of all day and I was still logged in. However sometime I just close the cute window and it logs me off.

Other site do log me off when I close them too. So it not just cute.

by notespinner 13 Nov 2010

Check your safety settings. Sometimes there are programs that will keep terminating your "cookies" for the sites you sign on to. Do you have a spyware program that is constantly dumping the cookies? They will tell you that the cookies and adware are a risk to your computer and "cleanse" it for you. Then, you will have to sign on everywhere all the time.
Sometimes it is as simple as, you just have to find the "save" button and click on it.
If you accidently click the pop-up prevention tab, it will keep you from being able to access and surf with the links, too.
Don't know if this helps. But, I usually find that I've caused my problems by clicking on something that I've mistaken for "helpful" and it messes up my setup.

by claudenicolas 13 Nov 2010

I have the problem only for cutealphabet, but here on Cute, I do not need to sign, and I have not make anything for that since the crash

by colonies1 13 Nov 2010

yes i have that problem too

by celia50 13 Nov 2010

I am having the same problem and mine is saved to my computer.This is slightly irritating!

by sandralochran 13 Nov 2010

I am having the same trouble My window7 should save it .It did before .Also unable to download the photo of my project now!!!!!

by fannyfurkin 13 Nov 2010

I am having the same problem

by chlo 12 Nov 2010

I have been having the same problem...chlo

by lani02 12 Nov 2010

you should be able to save you name and password so that you are recognized when entering the site. Look for a (save) icon.

by leenova54 12 Nov 2010

I haven't had to enter my password. Maybe your computer is making it happen? Don't know.

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leenova54 by leenova54 14 Nov 2010

I have to take that back, just in the last 3 days it has started making me log in again.