by raels011 12 Jan 2008

YIPEE I now have 6 month membership and stayed up half the night downloading Have already made up my mind to renew when time is up This is Great


by celticlady1031 16 Jan 2008

CONGRATS!!!! You have joined the list of very happy, satisfied membership owners. I love my membership. Don't know how you got it free but enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.... And don't lose too much sleep downloading. The designs will be there again tomorrow.

by sanjoy51 15 Jan 2008

Congradulations on your 60th birthday, hope you have had a great day. I will be thinking of you down in Tamworth, and watching it on TV. It sure is nice having a membership and like you I will be renewing mine as well when the time comes. It has been the best thing that has happened to me for some time. Enjoy yourself and we will hear from you when you get back. Happy Birthday. Sandra from Australia.

by ruthie 14 Jan 2008

Congratulations Raels, you must have been over the moon with joy. When I had my 60th last year, I embroidered myself a design of a 'little old lady' and added the words - it took 60 years to look this gorgeous! Enjoy all that country music while you're away.

by mops Moderator 13 Jan 2008

Congratulations, raels. Is not it wonderful to be able to download so many gorgeous designs. I'll be sailing van St Martin to Rotterdam in March and I know what I'll miss most: having a daily look at this site.
Enjoy sewing!

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mops by mops 13 Jan 2008

oh dear: from St M to R'dam.

by cutiepie 13 Jan 2008

Woot! Congratulations on the giftie! Don't loose too much sleep, since the designs will still be there when you get up in the morning. =] I can't wait for you to show us some of your projects that you come up with to use all the fun designs on. You will share, right? =D

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raels011 by raels011 13 Jan 2008

Certainly I am going on holiday on Friday to biggest country music festival in Australia for 10 days (this is my pesent to me ) but will be dreaming about what I can stitch out when I get back.

by tmbache 12 Jan 2008

Happy 60th birthday,happy downloading, and good for you for staying up half the night. We all need a little pleasure time now and again.Have a wonderful time playing and working to keep them all in the right places.God bless the hubby!!!

by jrob Moderator 12 Jan 2008

Good ON YA! You can sleep, they don't go away that quickly! hahahah Have fun! Remember to back-up files, I would hate for you to loose SEVERAL nights sleep!

by ravyn 12 Jan 2008

Wow, congratulations & happy birthday!!!

Have fun & be sure to show off all your lovely new

by marjialexa Moderator 12 Jan 2008

Let me be the first to congratulate you, raels!!! Happy 60th, and happy downloading and sewing. Give that DH of yours a great BIG kiss, just don't tell him how much more thread you're gonna need now that you have all these beautiful designs....Feels great, doesn't it, like Christmas every day. All the best from Marji

raels011 by raels011 12 Jan 2008

Wasn't DH I was notified by site that I had membership Don't know how but am very grateful

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 13 Jan 2008

Wow! Who's the lucky girl then. Another year older, hope you get in another 60....well almost.
Have fun at Tamworth, been once and had the best time. Enjoy the music. Kezza