by raels011 11 Jan 2008

My 60th Birthday coming soon Have asked hubby for membership Hope I get it Be great to get all the designs


by freida 12 Jan 2008

Happy birthday and many happy returns! Freida A

by mops Moderator 12 Jan 2008

Happy birthday. I hope your DH will get you a membership. You'll have the time of your life downloading all those wonderful designs. And then again stitching them out.

by cutiepie 12 Jan 2008

Happy happy! Boy, now I feel like the proverbial "babe in the woods". I just turned 35 in September. I think I prefer feeling very young, like now, instead of too old, like when I was told that my pregnancy is considered "High Risk" just because of my age. With how exhausted carrying twins is making me feel, I sometimes just HOPE that I will make it to 60. =D

marjialexa by marjialexa 12 Jan 2008

Cutiepie, oh, I'd love to see 50 again! Hey, hang in there with those twins. My mom had my brother at age 36, *many* years ago, and both were just fine. That was before everybody told us we were supposed to be afraid of everything. You're in my good thoughts, always, take care of yourself, eat, rest, & SEW! (I's good for twins when you sew...little known fact)

mops by mops 12 Jan 2008

Quite a moral booster to be told you are in high risk category, isn't it. I was told the same at the same age - years ago - and all went well. Take care, carrying twins is quite taxing. I wish you all the best and let us know when they have arrived!

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Jan 2008

Happy Birthday coming up, Raels! I'll be 60 too later this year (dragging my feet hard!). Do you think it would help if we "voted" for your DH to get you a membership, lol? I'd help stuff that ballot box. All the best, Marji

by ruthie 11 Jan 2008

Loads of happy birthday wishes to you Raels, hope you get everything you want - including the membership. I've added a flower to your birthday bouquet.

by jrob Moderator 11 Jan 2008

Congratulations and HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday raels. Hope ALL of your wishes come true! My DH (darling husband) loves that they are pennies on the dollar, because he knows I tend to spend lots when I don't have these!

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jrob by jrob 11 Jan 2008

PS...I KNOW you're getting flowers for your birthday!