by janel66 23 Oct 2010

i really would like to get the "funny pig P" if anyone would like to help me vote also the cowboys lasso font capital "E". thanks for your help!


by dilceia 24 Oct 2010

Be well coming to our community!
You have a PM

by embroiderymad 24 Oct 2010

janel66 Welcome to cute. I post daily requests for people like yourself after designs. It is very hard to win requests as you will see any letter needs a lot of votes to win. If you would like to join us and vote for the daily request I have a list of request for the pigs just trying to get enough people willing to vote. It does mean hoping in line and voting for other peoples requests as well as your own.
Would love you for to join us let me know if you would like to and I will add you to the list.
Happy embroidering there are so many designs not just alphabets that can be voted on and we have much better luck at those requests. Good lucky with your requests.

by kttyhwk4 24 Oct 2010

Vote #12 for the pig
Vote #3 for the Cowboy lasso


by keeponsewing 23 Oct 2010

Is this the "E" you are speaking of? If so just voted for it.

by babsie 23 Oct 2010

voted #5
here is the link http://alphabets.cuteembroidery.c...