by cathiejones 13 Oct 2010

a tool. Do you use your mouse or do you have a pen tablet or others ? What is its blend ?

Thank you
cathie Jones


by fannyfurkin 14 Oct 2010

I really need to get Embird, only because it seems that so many people use it. I use generations. I love it, but I really need to look at other software.

by mops Moderator 14 Oct 2010

I have a tablet, but almost exclusively use the mouse and the keyboard shortcuts. Works fine for me.

by dollygk 14 Oct 2010

I too, use my Embird with my pc and a mouse, it's easy!! OR I mean to say it's comfortable to use the mouse.

by mooie24 14 Oct 2010

hi there Cathie..
I have my embird on my desk top pc
I prefer my mouse..
even when I use my lap top I have to plug my mouse in lol ..
Big hugs from london
maria xx