by hennypenny 06 Oct 2010

Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely free designs ! Also thank you to everyone who answered my question !I'm new here and am not sure how to navigate around as yet .


by gramsbear 07 Oct 2010

Welcome to Cute!!! Ask away, I am sure someone will help you with what you need to know. You can go through the Tutorials on the left of the page to learn more about the site. Hope you enjoy being on Cute!!! Hugs, judy

by babsie 07 Oct 2010

Welcome to Cute and may you be as happy here as all of us. Here all your embroidery questions will be answered but beware, this site is addictive. Enjoy

by 02kar Moderator 06 Oct 2010

Don't hesitate to ask any question. And welcome to you. It is a wonderful place filled with great people.

by airyfairy 06 Oct 2010

You will soon learn. It is an amazing site. So much help.

by cherylgauteng 06 Oct 2010

Welcome, good to have you with us !

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Oct 2010

It won't take to long to find how things work. You can always ask. Someone will come around and answer. Check out some of the tutorial posts. They might help.

by keeponsewing 06 Oct 2010

Just do what I did when I first came here. I clicked every link. hehehe. You will learn it's much easier than other websites. Enjoy and don't hesitate to comment. If you notice on the right of each post there is a flower and number, this is a way to thank everyone that comments or just says Hi. :) As you can see under your avatar you have almost 50 flowers. Congrats! :)

by moyed 06 Oct 2010


by leenova54 06 Oct 2010

Here is a big old WELCOME! This is a very friendly and helpful group of people and they have helped me maintain my sanity when I wanted to toss my machine out the window! Sit back enjoy and you will be addicted like the rest of us shortly!

by shirlener88 06 Oct 2010

We are happy to help - just ask - if you don't know - or use the TUTORIALs on the left of the this screen - click on them and find your answers in them.