by gayle950 06 Oct 2010

Has anybody used one of these wonder thread guide. I was just wondering if they worked or if they would be a waste of money. The thread unwinds fast off the reel on my brother pe-200


by leenova54 06 Oct 2010

The net that came with my machine seems too loose to use so I may check ebay for one of these.

by pcteddyb 06 Oct 2010

I have a little stand that sits by my machine and has a guide on the top. Works really great for me. Cost was about $10 US from my dealer.

by spendlove Moderator 06 Oct 2010

I've just followed the link and the picture looks remarkably like the guide I made with a large bodkkin fixed to the top of my machine with a lump of blutack!

by eggyannie 06 Oct 2010

try a bit of panty hose just cut of a strip and fasten it around the thread reel just so that is grips the thread but does not stop it unwinding. this will not slow down the the thread being drawn off on demand but will stop it slipping off and wrapping around it self when tension is lessoned as the bar comes back up.
annie in the uk

by shirlener88 06 Oct 2010

Gayle, that sure looks like a great little tool - I have a stand next to my embroidery machine - that has it's on little guide. Thanks for sharing this.

by meganne 06 Oct 2010

Thread nets are your best answer.
Check out the link below.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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meganne by meganne 06 Oct 2010

BTW, I just bought a Singer thread guide for a vintage machine, from Terry's on Ebay, cost $US 3.25 should do exactly the same thing.

You can often pick up these bits and pieces at antique or goodwill stores that get old machines, actually I think my old knitting machine thread guide would probably fit too.

I learnt a long time ago, that if they add the words, quilting, sewing, doll-making, scrap-booking, crafting,,, etc. to a product, it meant they could triple or quadruple the price of the item for sale.

I bet you'd even find something like that spring at a wrecking yard. :-)
HNR, Meganne

by notespinner 06 Oct 2010

I have read comments by others that they love their Wonder Thread Guides. I personally don't need one, yet. But, if I find that I do, I will gladly buy one. I've only heard good things from the folks who use them.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 06 Oct 2010

LouAnn, WELCOME to the CUTE family.

by gayle950 06 Oct 2010

The Link

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