by libster2896 23 Dec 2007

hello, how do you send a flower to another member? I want to say thanks to jrob and ruthie for their help - (it worked, thank you).


by jrob Moderator 23 Dec 2007

Great! I am glad for you. That is what this forum is for. We all need embroidery buddies and I am thankful for ALL of you!

by cutiepie 23 Dec 2007

Aw, Ruthy beat me to answering! =] All you really need to do to send a flower to someone is find a place on this site ( where they have posted either a question or an answer. They will have an orange flower on the same line as their name. When you are logged in, you can click on that orange flower (which will then turn grey for you) and that awards that person a flower. You are only allowed to click on any given flower once and never for yourself, so you can't "stuff the ballot box", so to speak. =D I'm glad to hear that the designs had actually downloaded correctly for you, but were blending into the background. I was so embarassed the first time I figured out that was what my problem was. =S I thought that I was just messing up somehow, and I know I deleted more than just a few perfectly good designs just because I couldn't see them. *blush*

by ruthie 23 Dec 2007

Libster2896, I'm so pleased it worked for you. To send a flower to someone, go to your question, and click on the orange flower that's to the right of their name. After you've clicked the flower will turn grey and the adjacent number will increase by 1. Thank you very much for my flower (in advance) and have a Merry and safe Christmas.