by bkd147 22 Dec 2007

How do you send and get flowers?


by cutiepie 23 Dec 2007

You get flowers either by visiting the site daily or by nice and friendly people "awarding" them to you when you ask or answer questions here on this forum. To be one of those "nice and friendly" people, just find the person you want to send a flower to and on the same line that their name is on, there will be an orange flower. Click on that flower (while you are logged in on the site, of course!) and it will turn grey for you. The number beside it will then increase by one, showing that someone gave that person a flower. You are only allowed to click on each individual flower once (and never on your own) so you won't be able to "stuff the ballot box," so to speak. In case you are wondering what the flowers are for, nobody (aside from the site owner) actually knows. She told me that they were going to be for some sort of program on the site, but that is the last I've heard of it. Suffice to say that flowers are a good thing. =]

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Mar 2008

Yes, they are - *4U

by jrob Moderator 22 Dec 2007

see raels previous question that was explained in detail by cutiepie. She did a great job explaining.
This is the question I was referring to:
raels011 I am new to this Can someone explain the numbers under photo and the + numbers on the side thank you. It is just below your question. P.S. WELCOME to the site.

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jrob by jrob 23 Dec 2007

sending you flowers! jrob