by claustella 21 Dec 2007

Hi, I missed the M in the firebird Alphabet. Can someone send it to me in HUS. Thanks (


by freida 22 Dec 2007

Hi, Claustella, I missed some and was a little down about it. Recently the owner has added an option allowing the purchase of letters individually. Take a good look, you'll see what I am talking about. Great new option. It will allow me to complete the ones I have missed. Happy sewing & Merry Christmas. Freida A

by cutiepie 21 Dec 2007

The only person who could send this to you is the site owner/admin. It is illegal for anyone else to send it to you (copyright issues). Also, it is very dangerous to post your email address on a public forum (like this one) because spammers can easily get it and bombard you with junk. On the bright side, I will vote for the Firebird M for you. And if you could afford it, a subscription is WELL worth the money (since you get access to all three sites:, and Hint to your loved ones about the present possibilities. =]