by mollymarie 27 Sep 2010

Ok did I see somewhere on this site applique bubbles? If not here maybe someone has seen them somewhere else. Thankyou in advance


by lynlaing 28 Sep 2010

Thank you

by lv2sew 27 Sep 2010

this one is an applique set with 12 different thought bubbles.. and yes they are sign in required..

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shilly by shilly 27 Sep 2010

There are santa stamps: naughty, nice in the free embroidery section.

by keeponsewing 27 Sep 2010

I see you have your answer Molly, so here is a *4U and everyone else. :)

by mops Moderator 27 Sep 2010

Use any small circle applique, there are several in Designs by Cuties that could be used.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Sep 2010

Enjoy them

by embroiderymad 27 Sep 2010

here's the link I think your looking for