by fannyfurkin 26 Sep 2010

I am interested to know what size people like to get their embroidery designs in, do most people like to get designs that fit in 4"x4" hoop or do people prefer lareger designs?


by airyfairy 11 Sep 2011

This post is nearly a year old but still most interesting to read. Thank you to who ever bought it to the top again.

by sewfrenzie 11 Sep 2011

I can only do designs 4x4 or smaller, so I personally prefer 4x4 and smaller. I see so many lovely designs I can not do as I can not afford a new machine with a bigger design limit. Most are larger than 20% so I can not make them smaller without causing much havoc on my machine. :(
Thank you for asking! Many times I wish the digitizer would offer the design in a smaller size, which they digitize separately rather than just downsizing it and sharing as a smaller size. Digitizing it spearately does make a difference as I am positive you already know. Just sharing it with other digitizers who are beginners like myself.

by leenova54 10 Sep 2011

Much as we would probably all love to get larger designs, many of us have machines that won't do larger than 4x4. Thanks for asking Alice!

by ceramickids 10 Sep 2011

I Only Have a 4x4 Hoop Machine

by nglover1 10 Sep 2011

I also have 2 machines. One that uses only 4x4 ,and another that uses both 4x4 & 5x7 . Maybe one day I will have one that uses the larger hoop.
( Someday ???)* Nancy

by mjdg 10 Sep 2011

I have two emb. machines. One is only 4x4 and the other has 4x4 and 5x7. I find myself using the 5x7 most of the time. I looked at a machine the other day that had a huge hoop...... and I don't think I would ever use a hoop that large to make it pay for the high price of the machine.

by quiltingqueen 10 Sep 2011

I always use my 5x7 hoop, even if my design is 4x4 or smaller...I just like that hoop better. However, I usually get designs that are larger than 4x4.

by lflanders 10 Sep 2011

4X4 and 5X7 are my favorite but I do have a 6X10 sewing field! If I am doing something to frame inside the home, I will use the largest. Linda

by alexgrandma 10 Sep 2011

It depends but I use my 8 by 8 hoop the most. I just wish my hoop was a little larger. But that means more money. since they just came out with a bigger hoop!


by loosie 10 Sep 2011

Only have a baby so 4x4 is all I can use...

by zoefzoef 10 Sep 2011

very good question. For me, when I get designs they are always too big (10x10cm) I always want to make them smaler

by shirlener88 10 Sep 2011

I have 7 x11.75 frame - so the bigger the better in most cases - but I do use my 5x7 and 4x4 - because that is the only way I can receive files from some designers - not that is what I would prefer. Hope this helps.

by joann1 10 Sep 2011

Either 4-4 or 5-7 Thank you.

by teddybear117 10 Sep 2011

4X4 for a couple more years, at least I hope it will only be that much longer to get the machine I would really like.

by bonnetgirl 10 Sep 2011

I only have 4 x 4 so that is the one I download. I would love to have a larger one but this is only one I could afford.

by babie 10 Sep 2011

If I have to choose I always take the largest my machine can do which is 5x7

by srgsallie 10 Sep 2011

my machine only does a 4x4 design

by alexgrandma 29 Sep 2010

It really depends on the project. I try to do the largest hoop that I have for the project. I can only go to the 5x7.

by bejoscha 29 Sep 2010

We prefer the desings in the size they are meant to be stitched :c)
(See my command on scaling below.)

by smithandsmith 27 Sep 2010

4x4 is great for me and everyone can use them. Some can enlarge or reduce the design.
hugs Lee

by mooie24 27 Sep 2010

This question has been asked many a time lol..
I to am like you.. I like to test stitch each size before sharing :-)
I now look at it this way..
No matter how big anybody can do..
everybody can do 4x4..
I also found out that pes is the most common format.
which lucky for me is also my format so that is what I test stitch out.
good luck
Big hugs - from London
Maria xxx

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 29 Sep 2010

Big thanks from Australia.

by dlmds 27 Sep 2010

I mostly purchase 5X7 because I can make it larger or smaller at my Embroidery Machine. H&*

by bevintex 26 Sep 2010

I hardly ever use my 4x4 hoop. My choice is 5x7

by katydid 26 Sep 2010

the new machines keep getting larger and larger. I tend to buy for the largest hoop, knowing that I can reduce the design if necessary. Sometimes I buy for the med hoop , knowing that I can go up or down 20% . Kay

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bejoscha by bejoscha 29 Sep 2010

Reducing (or enlarging) a design is not always a good thing to do! Depending on the format/machine/software, stitch-positions either get scaled directly (resulting in sparser or denser stitches) or recalculated (i.e. a "line" is re-interpolated with a chosen stitch style, say 1 stitch every 1mm...) Both can lead to problems in the final quality.
In particular for FSL I advice to think on those things when scaling. That's why we sometimes but "smaller" and "larger" versions of our designs online side-by-side. They may look identical, but they have been optimized for the specific size.

(On the other hand, we've found that sometimes very "loose" or "dense" designs can be improved by scaling and forcing the software to keep the number of stitches the same - thus chaging the size of the stitches.)

by jerrib 26 Sep 2010

I am in the same boat and leenova54. I can only do the 4x4. There are so many beautiful larger designs, but can't afford to buy a new machine at this point.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 29 Sep 2010

I am also in the same boat. I find the 4X4 is a very convenient size though.

by leenova54 26 Sep 2010

Oh how I wish I could go bigger but 4x4 is the only size I can use.

by honeychyle 26 Sep 2010

I like the 5x7 best. I use the 4x4 sometimes too depends on what I'm using the design for. I wish I could go larger than 5x7 but that's the biggest size my machine will sew.

by fannyfurkin 26 Sep 2010

Thank you all so much for answering me here, this really is a great commmunity, I am loving spending time here.

airyfairy by airyfairy 29 Sep 2010

I also love spending time here. Unfortunately too much time and nothing gets done!!!!!!!

lulu07 by lulu07 29 Sep 2010

Amen to that, did not realize how much time I had spent, until my poor stomach started growling (realized I had not eated)...oh, but it's so much fun...: )

snowbird42 by snowbird42 10 Sep 2011

i dont know what you mean what else has to be

by nhsmith55 26 Sep 2010

If I have a choice, I will usually go for the medium size. So I guess 4X4.

by dilceia 26 Sep 2010

I Like the 4x4 size

by starlet2653 26 Sep 2010

Sometimes I regret that my machine does not accommodate the larger hoops like the Pfaff, Husqvarna and Bernina TOL machines

by mary51 26 Sep 2010

I like 5x7

by starlet2653 26 Sep 2010

I, personally like the larger designs and use the 200x200mm hoop a lot and sometimes the 200x300.

by shirlener88 26 Sep 2010

My machine has 4 hoop sizes - I prefer to purchase the larger designs - but I do use the 5x7 alot more than the 4x4. Wishing you luck with your site - why wouldn't you consider several size choices for the one design?

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 26 Sep 2010

I have considered that, I am just keen to know what sizes people like. there is also the time factor, I would not put a design up unless I have test stitched it and that all takes so much time. Now I am wasting so much more time reading what all you cutees are talking

shirlener88 by shirlener88 27 Sep 2010

Alice, there are alot of the CUTE members that would jump at a chance to test for you - if that would also help you out?

by seamripper40 26 Sep 2010

My Brother uses a 4x4 so that is what I need. Sometimes that is too big. Some of the designs in 5x7 would be nice but I can;t use them

by bettyboop13 26 Sep 2010

I Like the 4x4 size. Most the designs I have I use for making quilts and I usually use a 6x6 block for my embroidery.

by almag 26 Sep 2010

It depends on the design and what I'm going to use it for.
I find that the 4x4 size is a good universal size for most projects.
I like the 5x7 size, too, for certain applications, e.g. up the seam of pants legs, picture designs and sayings for framing, on adult clothing and on totes and bags. My big hoop will take up to 6x10 designs.

Designs which extend just outside the 100mm limit are a nuisance and need reducing to fit the 4x4 hoop or I'll use the bigger hoop and often that can be a waste of stabiliser. Reducing to fit within the, say 99mm, limit doesn't affect the appearance of a design but reducing can sometimes affect the integrity of the stitches.
However, if I like a design enough I'll use the hoop it fits in best. Also I often group 4x4 designs, or, if allowed by the digitiser, elements of them, into bigger designs and use the bigger hoop.

I'm happy with 4x4 and 5x7 sizes.


by joann7657 26 Sep 2010

I think most machine have 4x4, but I like 5x7 and 6x10. I don't have a 4x4 so I waste a lot of stabilizer when putting the a 4x4 in my 5x7 frame. I really have to invest in a 4x4 frame. Something need to be 4x4 size. This is just a personal opinion.

by dlonnahawkins 26 Sep 2010

I have 5 different hoop sizes, but when I purchase I usually purchase in the larger size. I can resize most if I need to , but some designs do not resize well. I do think that I use the 5x7 hoop the most.

by keeponsewing 26 Sep 2010

I think a lot here only have the 4X4 capacity. It is easier to do lots of things with. I have the 5x7 and 6.25X10.25. My daughter gave the the 1x2 which I haven't used yet.

by kttyhwk4 26 Sep 2010

I like the mini, 4x4 and 5x7 but most are 4x4's

by 02kar Moderator 26 Sep 2010

I think it is all in what your machine can use. I can do 8x8 designs on 1 machine and 8x12 on my multi-needle. But I use my 5x7 hoops the most.

by mad14kt 26 Sep 2010

My largest hoop at the time is 5x7. I get 4x4 all the time if I really like a design and that's the only size it's available in ;D *2U

by ksieminskie 26 Sep 2010

I find that I use several sizes of design from the mimi-sock size to the 5/7 that as large as my hoop size goes it depends on what and where I want to put a design baby things doll dresses need very small designs at times and I use several large 5/7 design when doing a story thread painting

by jayce 26 Sep 2010

I would love the larger designs unfortunatly my machine only sews the 4"x4", I have saved quite a lot of 5x7 designs though, because one day i might buy another machine. I live in hope. LOL