by suzettebritz 23 Sep 2010

Can do FSL, but how do you do it on organza? Do you hoop organza on top of WSS and CUT it out afterwards or is it an applique? Links to these designs will also be nice! Thank you Cuties...I still learn everyday!


by reallyrob 01 Jan 2013

I don't cut it out, I use a soldering wand and run it around the edges. It melts it right to the stitching...just takes a second and it looks so professional.

jenne by jenne 01 Jan 2013

May I ask where you got you soldering Iron and would it work for cutwork?

jobaby by jobaby 04 Jan 2013

Got mine at Home Depot about 7 years ago and then it was around $12.00. It would work on cutwork only if you were using the organza or another fabric that would melt. Not cotton. At least that has been my experience.

by leenova54 23 Sep 2010

Thanks for asking the question, I'd love to try this after the holidays and I buy all the stuff I need, lol!

by dlonnahawkins 23 Sep 2010

I see you have the correct responses, here, but good luck in giving these a try. Most directions were given for the 3D angels, or butterlies. You can also do the FSL design on organza. I have done these just to have a little difference in the designs. The examples below show one stitched on Organza, and the second one stitch as the FSL. Both make beautiful results.

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suzettebritz by suzettebritz 24 Sep 2010

Thanks for the pics - will give it a try!

by ksieminskie 23 Sep 2010

I use fsl patterns use organza-wws-organza hoop stitch take out of hoop and trim 1/16 sew if pieces are to be sew together the wet and position and dry if there is any wiskers after the organza frays they will be stiff and easy to trim. use this for lot of fsl projects flower pedals wing for butterfly . if I have a large piece of need extra stiffness I use stiff netting then use slury of wws scrap to add stiffness

by marciabrasil 23 Sep 2010

Suzette, Shirlene,Terre !!!! Thank you very much!

Thanx for the question and Thanx everyone for the answers, I have been wondering the same thing!!!
And flowers for all friends. :)

by gramsbear 23 Sep 2010

Thanx for the question and Thanx everyone for the answers, I have been wondering the same thing!!! Hugs, Judy, Oh and a *4All!

by shilly 23 Sep 2010

You can always count on cuties to come up with a clear helpful for them and U.

by claudenicolas 23 Sep 2010

Thank you for the question, and thank you for the explainations

by lenore 23 Sep 2010

Pleased you have the answer.

by castelyn 23 Sep 2010

Suzette, see you have gotten the answer, will just leave flowers for you all - Hugs Yvonne

by colonies1 23 Sep 2010

interesting reading thanks for asking *4u all

by shirlener88 23 Sep 2010

Suzette, as Terre says, you hoop the WSS - stitch a section of the FSL Angel body - then stitch the organza in place - cut the outside of the organza away - stitch around the outside of the organza and then you finish stitching the angel - this gives you the FSL angel body and the organza wings with embroidery around the outside edges and pretty accent of the embroidery on those wings - you can also do this with special deisigns for butterflies as well. Aren't digitisers wonderful - they have a way of knowing when to stop the color sequence - so you can make the placement of the organza and cut away the organza and stitch it down with the rest of the stitching and make the whole design work together in one hooping?

suzettebritz by suzettebritz 23 Sep 2010

Thank you Shirlene! Wonderful! Sounds like applique? Will have to buy design(s) and try!

suzettebritz by suzettebritz 23 Sep 2010

Do you perhaps know of a freebie I can try before buying?

shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Sep 2010

Yes, it is a combination of FSL and applique.

You can go to - they have a butterfly freebie - it is small but oh so cute - not as fancy as the ones they sell - but still gives you an idea of how to do it.

suzettebritz by suzettebritz 23 Sep 2010

Thank you very much Shirlene!

cherylgauteng by cherylgauteng 23 Sep 2010

Many thanks, this makes it sound as if I could give it a try !