by joann7657 20 Sep 2010

How do you vote for the top sites, I don't see it on here?


by leenova54 21 Sep 2010

Just click on the link sewmom gave you, then click on CuteEmbroidery, that will bring you back to this site and your vote has been counted.
Is that your daughter on your profile pic? She is adorable!

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joann7657 by joann7657 21 Sep 2010

My grand daughter. Thank you so much.

by sewmom 20 Sep 2010


by nanniesara 20 Sep 2010

Okay, when you click on a free design, you download it and you will see a message below that design that says vote for cute here, click on that, it will take you to another screen and it will say enter here, in black and one under it in blue, click on the blue one and that takes you to Embroidery Top then click on Cute embroidery you just voted by doing that. Once you click on The Cute Logo it will the take you back to the designs. Good Luck.