by cherrysue 19 Sep 2010

Has anyone ever monogrammed a neoprene (?) water bottle koozie or a can koozie? If so are there any tips for this?


by kalinelson 20 Sep 2010

Great question and answers....I wonder was the sticky back easy to peel off the neoprene????

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carolvm by carolvm 20 Sep 2010

Hi it came off just fine. The kind I used was like paper and was no problem, Carol

by carolvm 20 Sep 2010

Wine bottle koozies are available at They make super gifts but I found out the shape will only fit a chardonnay type bottle which is wider at the bottom and narrows at the top sooner, in contrast to a cabernet bottle that is narrower but does not narrow closer to the top. Wow what a description from a non-wine drinker. these koozies have a zipper in the back and fit very snuggly. Koozies are fun to embroider and everyone loves them as gifts. Give them a try, Carol

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cherrysue by cherrysue 20 Sep 2010

thanks for the visual

by designcrazy 20 Sep 2010

No I haven't but would like to. Where is the best place to purchase these?

by psssst 20 Sep 2010

I hope carolym rechecks this post! So glad you asked the question, this looks like a fun gift to make for Christmas

by colonies1 20 Sep 2010

interesting facts on this thank you *4 u all

by carolvm 19 Sep 2010

Hi I hooped peel & stick type stabilizer and trimmed inside the hoop and put the neoprene on the sticky side. Everything went really well without any changes to thread or needle or tension. It was fun embroidering can koozies and zippered wine bottle koozies with funny designs. I loved them so have fun, Carol

psssst by psssst 20 Sep 2010

How on earth did you hoop these? I sure would love to see a picture of a hooped one.

msfancyvip by msfancyvip 20 Sep 2010 too! I can't imagine how you could keep the back of the koozie out of the way on a typical flat style hoop...the only way I can invision doing this is with a cylindrical hoop. I'm stumped, I need VISUALS please!!! LOL, ~Rita

msfancyvip by msfancyvip 20 Sep 2010

Oooh Carolvm...I love your work and design selections. A+++. ~Rita

carolvm by carolvm 20 Sep 2010

Sorry I don't have any more blanks or I would take a picture for you. It's really easy- just hoop the peel & stick stabilizer. Then cut a slit in the paper that covers the sticky back and pull the covering off.That leaves a whole surface of stickyness and you just put the koozie where you want it and press it down gently and you are ready to go. It's really fun and easy since the koozies are a flat piece that is sewn up the 2 sides after embroidery is done. Try it. Koozies cost about $1.00 to $1.25. They make great personalized gifts. Purchase them at,, or google " blank koozies." Have fun, Carol

psssst by psssst 20 Sep 2010

ah hah now I understand, I just could not imagine how you hooped a round koozie but I didn't think that they were sewn up each side after you embroidered on them! No picture needed now hahaha

cherrysue by cherrysue 20 Sep 2010

thanks carolyn for the pics...i have to see things first...much easier for me...i ordered some blanks koozies ...cant wait till they come in....

carolvm by carolvm 20 Sep 2010

Sounds great. All the people who received them from me as gifts just loved them. Great as stocking stuffers too for Christmas. Enjoy them and good luck, Carol

carolvm by carolvm 21 Sep 2010

Oops silly me for got that tearaway stabilizer can be used with spray adhesive to hold the koozie. It should be a tearaway that leaves very little fuzz behind so that the inside looks nice and clean. Thanks, Carol

by jrob Moderator 19 Sep 2010

Put it on some sticky stabilizer and stitch away! Not sure if you are talking about one that velcros down the back, but if it is a cylinderical shape, you stick the inside down to the stabilizer at the place where you want the embroidery to be. I didn't use any additional stabilizer or special needle or anything.;)