by marlakay 16 Sep 2010

Thanks - my flower garden has reached 4000! I love flowers! I wish that I had more time to spend on this site as you are all a great bunch!


by haydebug 16 Sep 2010

Congrats, so happy for you!

by shirlener88 16 Sep 2010

Marla Kay, CONGRATULATIONS, how wonderful is that? We are happy to have you with us - when you can be here.

by gramsbear 16 Sep 2010

Congrats to you for having such a beautiful garden!!! Hugs, Judy

by auntbaba 16 Sep 2010

Congratulations! *4U

by kalinelson 16 Sep 2010

Congrats! I'll plant another one in your garden.

by rwalden 16 Sep 2010

Congratulations and here is another.

by kathyjt 16 Sep 2010

Here's another *

by keeponsewing 16 Sep 2010

Congrats Marla! You collect them quicker as you get up there. Haven't figured that one out yet. Course it could be cause like Debra, we tend to stay on it more. hehehe...My machine is beside the computer here so while it is sewing I gravitate to the computer. Cause the machine might misbehave if I left it alone. LOL

by leenova54 16 Sep 2010

There are times when I wish I could drag myself away from this site, lol. I swear I am on here more than anything else I do all day! I think my dh is getting sick of hearing, "This one woman on the embroidery site says, ...". Notice I say on the embroidery site, cute is the only site I quote to him! Congrats on hitting 4008, here is 4009!

by starlet2653 16 Sep 2010

You can say that again!!!!!