by mel08 13 Sep 2010

matter. Thanks


by bettyboop13 16 Sep 2010

Found an even better on for you

by leenova54 16 Sep 2010

Some good ones posted, I went and got a couple so thanks for the question!

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by bettyboop13 15 Sep 2010

Found these one is applique and one is fill

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mel08 by mel08 16 Sep 2010

Thanks, but I can't download the first one, as I am not a member of the group. I already have the second one !

by mel08 15 Sep 2010

Well, not finding the little candy corns made me clean out my files. Thank you all for your help and suggestions! I found the designs I thought I had lost.

My Halloween designs are now all tidy and tucked away so I can find all of them. My daughter was over with the grand-daughter this afternoon and gave me a list of requests after seeing all the Halloween designs. I will take pictures and post them when I have finished.

by capoodle 13 Sep 2010

I have a list of Halloween designs in a freebie post with a few candy cane designs listed.

by ansalu 13 Sep 2010

one of the sucker covers has a candy corn (you can buy the single design) and one in the witch peekers.
Emblibrary has some designs. GG Design has nice candy corn hairclippers (in the hoop).
Hope you find something useful :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by sewmom 13 Sep 2010

1. applique
2. several together
3. Candy bag with candy corn on it