by mysticrainbow 31 Aug 2010

I've been asked if I could make such a 'sign" for our small office. The letters I have are too big to make something like this but I would try to line some up and see what I can come up with but maybe there is one available somewhere preferably for free? with a similar phrase? Thank you in advance.


by 02kar Moderator 31 Aug 2010

I have seen this saying elsewhere. I think it is right on, but then I try to be the one bringing happiness when entering.

by greysewist Moderator 31 Aug 2010

What kind of 'office', do you work in, mysticrainbow? Someone would probably easily be able to whip something up that suits your workplace. There are lots of borders that might help personalise it a little more. e.g. money symbols if it's accounting, pencils etc if it's education related. Hammers etc if it's more industrial.

mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 31 Aug 2010

It's an office for a non profit religious and community center. Today happpened to be one of those days that you are glad you dont have too often!

mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 31 Aug 2010

I happen to work in the financial part of the office, but the receptionist gets some pretty cranky people in!!

sugarbookers by sugarbookers 31 Aug 2010

just wanted to know if you found what you are looking for I work in a place just like you and would like the same sign.

mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 01 Sep 2010

No, I have not found such a sign but I do like the saying from Oscar Wilde. I wonder how many other people would enjoy such a sign in their office.:) Maybe someone would be kind enough to digitize one and put it in the Designs by Cuties area? Wish I could do it but not in my bag of skills unfortunately.

by pennifold 31 Aug 2010

Oscar Wilde said

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go."

I found the quote below from Mary Chappell on the internet - the writer is unknown.

"Everyone brings happiness to this office; some by entering and some by leaving."

Love and blessings Chris

greysewist by greysewist 31 Aug 2010

Thanks Chris. The Oscar Wilde one is longer than I'd realised it was. It gives folks a little more to think about, being not quite so 'direct', I think :)

mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 31 Aug 2010

Oh, I like that Oscar Wilde on. You are right. not so direct but migh tbe cause for thought! Thank you.