by Simplesewer1 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me I have a sinus infectiin and cant go to work , Happy Birthday to me love being sick on my b day LOL Have a great day today !!


by kttyhwk4 31 Aug 2010

Had sinus infection earlier this year and hate that you have it now, especially on your birthday. Hope you're better soon and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

by zedna 31 Aug 2010

Happy birthday to you and I have a sinus infection too!

by rwalden 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday and feel better soon.

by 02kar Moderator 31 Aug 2010

Happy birthday. A sinus infection is not the type of gift I would expect to be giving or receiving. So I hope your belated present is a very quick recovery.

by raels011 31 Aug 2010

hope you have a great day..Sorry you was not on my list

by maleah 31 Aug 2010

Hope you feel better and enjoy your birthday from Tennessee

by clawton 31 Aug 2010

Have a good day and hope you feel better soon.

by capoodle 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday and feel better.

by renee59102 31 Aug 2010

so sorry u hav to b sick... but what bettr place to heal then in front of dozens and dozens of wonderful embroidery sites...more ideas and creations...
get will soon...but enjoy this time as much as u can... meds to wonders don't

by gramsbear 31 Aug 2010

Happy Blessede Boirthday Bobn, Hope you get well super quick!!! Hugs, Judy

by rmj8939 31 Aug 2010

Happy birthday to you and may you feel better real soon.

by tippi 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday. Not a nice way to get your birthday off from work. But any is better than working on this day. Hope you feel better tomorrow

by neuza 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday! you are funny!

by kathyjt 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday.Hope you get well soon.

by shirlener88 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday bobnlynn - hope you have a great day - inspite of the sinus infection. I also hope that Raelene sees this - so she can put you on the birthday list.

by babsie 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday, hope you had a wonderful day and that the sinus infection cleared up.

by leenova54 31 Aug 2010

Now is this a real sinus infection or an excuse to stay home? Seriously, hope you feel better soon, sinus problems are awful. Try and have a great birthday anyway, find someone to wait on you hand and foot, you deserve it! Happy Birthday!

by gerryvb 31 Aug 2010


by lindalee757 31 Aug 2010

Awwwww...sinus headaches are the pits anytime,but on your birthday?? not fun. Well in spite of filling like crap...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lol ~~linda~~

by stitchinkate 31 Aug 2010

Have a great sinus infection....woops, I mean birthday (smiles).

by mary51 31 Aug 2010

happy birthday to you, hopw feel better!

by katydid 31 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday to you. Hope you feel better tomorrow. You need to be added to our list.

by mad14kt 31 Aug 2010

Have a FIESTA DAY and feel better ;D *2U