by mel08 28 Aug 2010

colors other than white. I know that there are a limited number of pre-wound colored bobbins available, but none in the colors that would be needed. Your suggestions? and happy stories or horror stories...would love to hear them.



by mops Moderator 29 Sep 2010

I, too, wind my own bobbins for FSL (4-needle machine). The machine winds far better than my household machine and gives excellent results when embroidering with those.

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mops by mops 29 Sep 2010

I see now I answered that question earlier. Sorry for the double.

by trovato 29 Sep 2010

I always wind my own bobbins (4 needle mach).

by bejoscha 29 Sep 2010

Ha! Only ONE needle (unless it breaks...).
But we always use matched self-wound bobbins.
And, as we've recently found out, if you keep a little pressure on the winding-mechanism (Bernina Artista 185), you can get much denser packing and there is not much advantage of using any pre-wound bobbind at all.

by mops Moderator 16 Sep 2010

I have a 4-needle and use pre-wound for white and black, but for FSL I wind the bobbins on the machine. That works well. So no horror stories I'm afraid.

by katydid 28 Aug 2010

i am sure others will help. I don't know.

by 1ladyb 28 Aug 2010

I have a 6 needle and I normally use the prewounds but for FSL I wind my own and use the Sidewinder. I have a single needle machine also but it doesn't do as good a job as the Sidewinder.I love FSL and do a lot of it also.
Hope this helps.

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mel08 by mel08 15 Sep 2010

Good to know. I like the prewounds.

by mnladyus 28 Aug 2010

I have a 15 needle machine, and if I want my btm thread to match, I use the winder on the embroidery machine . On other things I use the prewound white bobbins. I buy them by the box of 144. I save some of the empty bobbins to wind my bobbins for the FSL ect.

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mel08 by mel08 15 Sep 2010


by designgirl 28 Aug 2010

I have a 4 needle MB4 and I always wind my own bobbins.

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mel08 by mel08 15 Sep 2010