by yvepat 28 Aug 2010

Hello all. I have been trying to download the freebies on but each time I click the download link I get the website. Can someone please explain.


by 10tje 28 Aug 2010

explanation for download

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yvepat by yvepat 28 Aug 2010

Thank you so much for your explanation. The pictures of what to do made it so much simpler. Thank you and I love your designs which is why I kept trying and asked for help. Please don't stop doing them as they are beautiful and I love going to your site just to look and dream of what I can do with all the lovely designs.

by 10tje 28 Aug 2010


by gerryvb 28 Aug 2010

10tje explained herself here how to DL. so try again because thereare realy nice downloads at her site!

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10tje by 10tje 28 Aug 2010

Thank you Gerry!!*

by 10tje 28 Aug 2010

Hello everyone.

It is not difficult to download.
Just read and do what it says.
But the one who really do not understand I made a PDF with the explanation and that if you want, send me an email.
and I'll send you the description.
I use this way mainly because you can store many files.
If I do not, then that means I need to delete files.
Now you can click any patterns.
I do this for you.
many patterns for fun.
A website is soon very big if you share files.
Now I can give you just a lot of patterns.
It is for fun and not just causing problems.
You can always personally approached me.
I always answer every question.
Now it seems that my patterns of problems.
And if there is no pleasure, I did not feel like sharing patterns.
So enjoy it and if you click on contact, can you give me a mail.
I ALWAYS help.
So do not give up, do what it says and you can download everything.

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gerryvb by gerryvb 28 Aug 2010

it worked for me , thanks for the designs!and for giving an explanation for others who did not succeed!

by iris2006 28 Aug 2010

For download file:
click download, select "create download link" and then select the download link.
Designs are 100% free

This is what is mentioned on top of the downloadpage of
So all the designs are free you just have to read the instructions. We do understand and are not English.

10tje by 10tje 28 Aug 2010


mops by mops 28 Aug 2010

Mij lukte het niet, mijn machine liep vast edere keer dat ik op de download link klikte - en ik begreep de instructies in beide talen - dacht ik tenminste.

10tje by 10tje 28 Aug 2010

Is het inmiddels gelukt???
Ik heb nog nooit van dit probleem gehoord.
Hopelijk kom je er uit.

by rmj8939 28 Aug 2010

Thank you for asking. I had given up on this as I couldn't figure it out either. I am so glad there are people here that can explain things to us.

by anitapatch 28 Aug 2010

Hi, have the same problem. I know I have been inside once, because I have a username and a password. Think they have changed the site

by greysewist Moderator 28 Aug 2010

There is more than one site does this kind of thing now. Probably a more cost effective or efficient way to make downloads available. Look for 'create download link' towards the lower part of the page. Click on that then a clickable link will appear for your download -usually a zip file. Click on that then save as usual.

by bikermomfl 28 Aug 2010

me too I can't figure this one out either.....

by fleabag 28 Aug 2010

Thank you for putting this question up.
ME TOO !!!!!
I was beginning to think I was loosing it.
Now we need some-one to give us the answer..... Have a good day.

by ichbines 28 Aug 2010

Great you are asking I wanted to ask the same! But if I click on http://10em I always get Page not available, I also need explanation - some ideas?