by francoisen68 18 Aug 2010

daughter. She left France last week to intend Alexandria University (near Washington). She has a flat but not yet telephone nor Internet. I am going to come and see her (and also to visit the area !) in september and I need advices to know what is the best (or the less bad !) company in USA (Virginia) for telephone and Internet. And what are the steps, please ? Thank you very much for your advices.



by buanlester 18 Aug 2010

Hi, I'm an apartment manager here in huntsville and for sure it is different in virginia and here. We use comcast for the internet and telephone, tenants are happy with them. I think it all depends on the places , if they have good receptions.

by francoisen68 18 Aug 2010

Thank you dear Cuties for your advices. It looks different than in France as, if I understood, the providers are differents according to the state you live. I'll tell her to go to the student relations office to ask for assistance, it a good idea.

by sdrise 18 Aug 2010

Hi Verizon is a good bet . They have fast fios service for internet and phone and Tv. I have them for my internet and have been satisfied 100%.
At&T is another goos bet. The cost for both of these varies by what services you want. I have unlimited calling and internet for one low price. Hope this helps Suzanne

by bevgrift 18 Aug 2010

Hope your DH has good health, and wish your GD the best in her studies.
Enjoy you visit to NY.
Sorry I cannot assist you with your query.
From Bev

by mary51 18 Aug 2010

Hope your husband gets well. My DH and I retired in Dominican Republic, our family lives in Miami, Florida, we talk to them every day for hours using Magic Jack.

by lflanders 18 Aug 2010

I am in the Atlanta ,Ga. area and My TV cable, my phone, and my computer are in a package deal and very reasonable. The only time I have had any problem at all was when it snowed during the winter and everyone in this area had a power outage during the night last winter. The trucks were out here working as soon as the Electric Co had the lines back up. That was less than 3 hrs. You do have some very short time outs when there is a bad storm with dangerous lightening. That is the case with every Co you can use. I manage to live off of disability and this is the easiest bill for me to pay. It is 3 utilities in one and you can call all over the USA without paying extra for long distant calls. My son does not use this service and has 3 different bills to pay and the reception on his home phone is horrible! He has Vonage for his phone service but have no idea about the others on his. When you sign up with Comcast, they will make an appointment and come out and hook up everything at one time. Mine was hooked up before I ever moved in. My then, son's girlfrind came and let them in while I was still in my house in Sandersville, Ga and when I moved the next week, I had all of the services ahead of time. She even came over here and let EMC (gas and electric) guys in to check everything after they turned on the gas and electric. I also had EMC at my old house also. I was forced to leave my home of over 25 yrs and move to the Atlanta area where my only son lives , because of my health.
This should be a wonderful experience for your daughter. It would scare me to death if I had to turn loose of a daughter that far from home! Of course, that is just part of being a Mom. I wish her well and hopes she does great with her studies. She will, however, have alot of snow in the winter in that area. It gets very cold up North. The last 2 winters have had extreme cold and alot of ice and snow.
Another option is to contact the admin. at the school to find out what has the better service and rates for that area. There are alot of different options depending on the area.

by keeponsewing 18 Aug 2010

Hi, everyone has given you great advise. Psssst is right about going first to the school and see if there is anyway they can help or know what is best. My internet is through a Charter cable, but my phone is through the internet. Works like a charm unless the cable goes from storm mostly. My Cell phone is ATT and I get unlimited text,internet,and calls for one price. However sometimes it is hard to get the internet from my phone where we live. The school is in a larger location so you shouldn't have any trouble. I have heard you get better package deals for cell phone by going to the website you of the phone you choose. Have a safe trip and maybe there are some cuties from that area you can meet up with also. :)Terre

by claudenicolas 18 Aug 2010

Francoise, tous mes voeux pour ton mari, I wish better health for your husband
Bisous Claude

by turtleowl 18 Aug 2010

I would recommend a cell phone with internet and texting if that is in the budget. My college daughter always has her cell phone and can safely call for help if car breaks,etc. She mostly uses text with her friends. Also I can call or text her anytime as she is seldom in her appartment. There are cell phones with international plans but cantact via internet may be more affordable.

by 02kar Moderator 18 Aug 2010

psssst has given yoy good advice. I have nothing to add, but hope that she gets connected quickly so you can talk with her and feel better. Hope you have a wonderful visit in Sept.

by psssst 18 Aug 2010

I would suggest that you or your GD goes to the University's student relations office to ask for assitance. They will know what is the best way to get her connected to the outside world and also if there are any student rates that are offered in the area.
In the USA for a home landline you are limited to the companies that service that area. So good or bad doesn't have a chance, because you have to use the company that offers the service.
There is a thing called MagicJack it plugs into the computer and then the phone plugs into the other end it costs $40 and there are upgrades for it to use it for calls to Europe. I do not use this so I do not know if it is good or bad.
I have internet through my cable company, it costs $40 a month.
There are a few cell phone companies that offer wifi service, with a 3G or 4G wifi modem that plugs into a laptop. I know of AT&T, Sprint, and Cricket for sure. I am not sure if they are available in the area where your GD lives. I also do not know how much they cost or if they bundle plans (cell & wifi) together for a lower rate.
If she has a laptop with a wifi signal she really doesn't need a home landline phone, she can keep in touch with family on the internet using skype, instant messengers, and emails. Then she can purchase a disposable cell phone (sold at walmart, radio shack, etc.) that she can purchase minutes for whenever she needs to add more.
I pray your husband gets better.