by chiefslady 13 Aug 2010

Dear Cuties, Has anyone heard of Baby Nucci Embroidery Designs? I got an email from this site and I have never heard of it. Is it a safe site? Thanks, Nellie


by michele921 16 Oct 2010

they have been around for a while now. I have gotten designs from them and never had a problem.So yes they are safe, take a look at their designs, I love them!!!!

by babynucci 16 Oct 2010

Hello Chiefslady, I am Babynucci and yes I am safe. My name is Sonia Carter and digitize all my designs. I don't send too many e-mails just those to let my friends Customers know when there is something new. If you have any questions about my site or designs please e-mail me; I will gladly answer all the questions as soon as I can.

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michele921 by michele921 16 Oct 2010

Hello Sonia, so nice to meet you LOL I do love your site. welcome to cutie *4U

by leenova54 13 Aug 2010

A cutie posted it last night and I got the redwork bugs from it. It is a part of Yahoo so you will get a bunch of emails, I only joined one of the Yahoo embroidery sites. I digress, yeah, it seems to be a safe site. *4U and Welcome!