by coco128 12 Aug 2010

are almost like a Lands End material. The only thing (because I'm not an expert) is that because the seams are covered, it would too much work to take them apart in order to embroider a design a little easier, so I'm hoping I won't have too much of a hard time with the embroidery or else I'll be making a lot of 'patch' embroideries - LOL


by keeponsewing 12 Aug 2010

I received my today also. I ordered 10. I haven't had a chance to really look at the. I've been pretty busy today. But from a glance, they look well constructed. Can't wait to get started on them also. Whew! When am I going to do all this "stuff" I have on my list? I just finished a backpack for a friend's little boy name Pearson. I'm on my way to d/l it in projects...

by sewmom 12 Aug 2010

I missed this. Where is the site to buy?

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leenova54 by leenova54 12 Aug 2010

I missed them too. Oh well, I am sure we will find another bargain sometime!

by shirlener88 12 Aug 2010

There are only Rose colored ones left - all the cuties must have bought them out. I am glad to know - that they are made nice - but if you can't get to it - then you might have to use greysewist's (Marianne) idea, which would be very nice - you could also stich a pocket on the inside at the same time, perhaps

by greysewist Moderator 12 Aug 2010

Maybe an easier way would be to embroider on a separate piece of fabric, either contrasting or matching, and make a pocket for your bag. That way you could also double the fabric so the back of the embroidery doesn't show. Pockets are often handy things to have :) You could also turn the separate piece of fabric (embroidered) into a tab with Velcro etc and wrap it around the bag when not in use, to keep it tidy for in your handbag until needed.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 12 Aug 2010

Great idea - I like your thinking.

quilter124 by quilter124 12 Aug 2010

I have used several sew-outs of my freebies and built-in motifs on my machine and made pocket for totes. I just added and extra matching fabric on the back and then added a binding all around like I would be adding a binding on a quit and then just straight stitched it on the 3 sides. Makes great cover ups for those bags with names of products, banks, etc. They are cute as well as practical.

leenova54 by leenova54 12 Aug 2010

Smart cookie! Great idea!