by mel08 11 Aug 2010

such a good deal !


by honeychyle 13 Aug 2010

I just ordered 4 rose colored bags and 4 pillowcases for kids to color on. Great prices!

by lindaavolio 12 Aug 2010

Great deal...I ordered 3 different kinds....
thank you!!

by queenofhearts 12 Aug 2010

Which bags did you order? There is quite a price range and I'm sure that that affects the quality. I would like to get some for gifts too but would like to hold down the cost to a minimum.

mel08 by mel08 12 Aug 2010

Go to and look for tote bags.

I got the 10 ounce natural cotton tote.


queenofhearts by queenofhearts 13 Aug 2010

Thank you!

by 02kar Moderator 12 Aug 2010

I love a good deal and it sounds like you got a great one.

by nhsmith55 12 Aug 2010

Can you tell us again, the website you ordered from? Sound like something I should have checked out better. TIA.

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mel08 by mel08 12 Aug 2010;Desc=Tote-Bags

by shirlener88 12 Aug 2010

Only the Rose are left.

by keeponsewing 12 Aug 2010

Can't wait til mine get here. I'm using them to give as Christmas Gifts for our Church ladies Women of Worth group.

by leenova54 12 Aug 2010

I may have to check them out after vacation. Tote bags would make nice Christmas gifts or even gift bags for that price!

by bevintex 12 Aug 2010

Thanks for letting us know. I may go there and see what I need.