by rmj8939 10 Aug 2010

needless to say, I will not be walking the dogs after dark from now on.


by lindaavolio 11 Aug 2010

I would be scared to walk my dog in the daylight too...hehhehe
I guess black bears don't attack...but just in careful!!!

by mad14kt 11 Aug 2010

Lord dispatch your warrior angels with weapons of destruction to keep everything in it's respectable place. I bind the hands of anything that be not of YOU. Confuse everything that raise to do any harm to this family or that area, in Jesus Name AMEN! *2U

by 02kar Moderator 11 Aug 2010

Hmm, you serve very tasty birdseed. Be careful.

by keeponsewing 10 Aug 2010

yikes! not sure I would come out either after dark...Be careful.

by honeychyle 10 Aug 2010

That's a scarey surprise!

by nhsmith55 10 Aug 2010

Oh my goodness! I hope he doesn't make a return visit!

by capoodle 10 Aug 2010

We also had a little black bear come for a visit. Tried to upload the photo but there was a error. We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains with forrest all around us. We just call the sheriff (not 911) and they get in touch with wildlife services to come and relocate the ones that wonder to far from where they should be.

by joann13100 10 Aug 2010

Yikes! They must be really hungry!

by leenova54 10 Aug 2010

Whoa, that can be scary! It's a shame such beautiful creatures will do us harm. And yes, no dogs or people outside especially after dark but the bears come out during the day too so please be careful!

by colonies1 10 Aug 2010

Where do you live? Keep a gun handy just in case.

by mysew1325 10 Aug 2010

Oh my goodness, where do you live.. keep a gun handy.. they can do some major damage to a person.. they will break windows and get in..

by mariahail 10 Aug 2010

Do you have a good rifle or a big gun?

by ansalu 10 Aug 2010

That sounds like real wildlife ;o) Hope you can sleep quite and peaceful in the next nights...