by crazystitcher 07 Aug 2010

I know it is important to use good quality thread & there seem to be a bigger range of shades in rayon, but which type of thread is best for going through the machine smoothly and which type stands up best to washing etc after your special design is complete?? any suggestions, please??


by lbrow 08 Aug 2010

I use both I love the sheen of Rayon but polyester is I believe more durable. A lot depends on what my machine likes. Some threads it absolutely refuses to use without shredding, depends on the brand. I can use some of the cheaper brands with no problems & some I can't. Same way with the more expensive, I have a problem with Sulky threads as well as Madera. *

by katydid 08 Aug 2010

I have both and love both. be mindful that rayon will pool. Always secure end in snap on cap and never turn a spool or cone up side down. speaking from experience, the hard way. I love Robison Anton threads , but my machine will also tolerate less expensive threads. When you are trying a new brand buy a little at first because your machine may not like that brand. Better safe than sorry.

by greysewist Moderator 08 Aug 2010

Even in the general area of Poly or Rayon there are differences with brands/expense of the threads, I believe. Some of the threads (often those given for 'free' with machines) will be inclined to shred. I feel that my embr machine likes to stick with the same thickness of thread or it gets upset, so tend to stick with one or two brands of a similar thickness. There are brands around now which even though they are poly, have a nicer sheen, more like one sees in Rayon.

by eastwitch2 08 Aug 2010

Polyester Embroidery thread can withstand hotter water temperatures when washing and also can be bleached with Chlorine Bleach.
So you may want to use it for things like childrens clothes or tea towels or table linens that you would normally bleach.

Rayon Embroidery thread can be washed in warm or cold water.
It can not be bleached using Chlorine Bleach.

You can use the Dry Type Bleaches that are safe for all colored fabrics such as Javex 2 bleach for the Unbleachables.

Yes there usually are more colors offered in the Rayon Embroidery thread.

Rayon will give a softer feeling design than one done with polyester thread.

I don;t have any problems stitching with Rayon or Polyester thread.

The choice is yours!
I use mainly Rayon Thread and usually wash most items in warm or cold water so don't have a problem with colors fading

I don't use Chlorine Bleach often.
If I know it is an item that will be bleached I would use polyester thread for the design.


by quilter124 08 Aug 2010

I prefer poly, but have used both.
My dealer said poly was best all around and cheaper for us newbies to get started with. I like it and the price.

by mranderson 08 Aug 2010

I use mainly poly, and I use a thread stand. I do my shopping through Scrap Dragon. Someone told me that the article will fade and wear out before any of the threads will fade. Margaret

by colonies1 08 Aug 2010

both a nice but it depends on what your machine is willing to use.............depends on what you prefer.....

by crazystitcher 08 Aug 2010

Thanks again every one who has answered this - flowers to you all - definitely going to try out some poly this week

by capoodle 07 Aug 2010

Good answers. Thanks for the question.

by emily16838 07 Aug 2010

I like both , but I buy a good thread on SALE! LOL

by lani02 07 Aug 2010

for clothing I use rayon
For towels Poly and sometimes cotton

by caroldann 07 Aug 2010

I use Robison-Anton rayon and have no problems. I guess it's a personal thing and you just have to experiment and find what you like best. Carol

by crazystitcher 07 Aug 2010

Thanks to every one who has taken time to answer my querie so far - I've been using Rayon from Creek Creations for some time now, because I love the sheen and the many shades, and so far, the towels (especially blue ones) seem to fade quicker than the embroidery; but after reading your replies, I am tempted to try out some Poly, especially for towels which seem to get a lot of washing.

by mops Moderator 07 Aug 2010

I think it's a matter of personal preference and like them both.
I've used rayon (Madeira) since I got my first embroidey machine in 1993, put initials on all my teatowels then. Those have been washed over and over again (at 90 degress Celsius), some are used as rags now, but the colours are still great. Detergents here are free from bleach so that might have helped.
I got a complete set of poly (Marathon) thread with my EP-4 two years ago and then started to use these as well. My machines like both, but I find the colours slightly less pretty than the rayon and the shine harsher.
For special projects I use cotton embroidery thread and that I've been using since I bought my first sewing machine in 1963 - for years free hand machine embroidery, thirty years later also for ME.

by pcteddyb 07 Aug 2010

I like poly.

by egar 07 Aug 2010

Poly thread-- It will not fade

by leenova54 07 Aug 2010

I prefer poly.

by keeponsewing 07 Aug 2010

I like poly for embroidery and of course 100% cotton for quilting. I have tried rayon, but prefer poly. The only poly I have used for embroidery is the Poly X 40 which I can buy locally. Very convenient too.

by michele921 07 Aug 2010

poly stands up better to washing were rayon is better for things that do not need to be washed as often. I know the rayon looks so sheen and shiny so I did a quilt with it for a baby, have been told that the color is fading out of the designs, I was told this would happen before I made the quilt but thought the threads looked so much nicer, now I know I will not use it on washing items again.

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greysewist by greysewist 08 Aug 2010

That was interesting -thanks for sharing. Have read so much about how this can happen so have always stuck with Poly, but good to hear it confirmed in this way.

by honeychyle 07 Aug 2010

I like poly best, but like Shirlene said, it's a matter of preference.

by nanniesara 07 Aug 2010

I have to say poly because it does best with my machine and it does hold up better when washed. It does not fade like the rayon. But if your doing something that does not have to be washed then it will do okay. It also depends on your machine. Mine will not work with rayon, it breaks and frays with it. I hope this helps. Good luck.

by sdrise 07 Aug 2010

I Use poly. It washes great and you can add bleach to the wash and the colors don't fade. I tried rayon and in the first wash the colors faded terribly. Poly is more versitile. Rayon has its place in certain applications but I am sure you will be much happier with poly. Suzanne

by shirlener88 07 Aug 2010

I have used them both and I have a preference for poly - however - I believe that with everything else - it depends on your machine and YOUR preference.