by stidiford58 03 Aug 2010

I am looking for Dreamcatcher designs. Any ideas where to look...


by capoodle 28 Jul 2011

This is an older post from Aug 3, 2010.

by cfidl 28 Jul 2011

This just might do the trick for you. and there is a freebie. Have Fun!

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Oct 2011

thanks Christine.

by mamkin 27 Jul 2011

Hi there, not sure if you are still looking but here is my website, I make everything from sweetgrass dreamcatchers to beaded dreamcatchers.

by mercedes56 26 Nov 2010


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patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 28 Jul 2011

Yes they have some nice designs

by gerryb 04 Sep 2010

I have stitched out the designs by sick dreamcatcher, at least 2 of them, and they do beautifully. Lots to choose from. I see others have posted the link.

by leamcl 04 Sep 2010

I check my db and yes Design by Sick has a whole set and if you have the patience AnntheGran has a few free ones.

by deborrahr 04 Sep 2010

Design by sick has a sale going on. I don't know if
I can put the price, but it's a good deal.

by stidiford58 04 Sep 2010

Have just found this site with one beautiful design. Just gorgeous hope it stitches out as well

cfidl by cfidl 27 Jul 2011

This set of freebies (20 at least) all for the 5 by 7 or bigger are almost worth spending thousands of dollars upgrading. Absolutely gorgeous!

tilde01 by tilde01 28 Jul 2011

This site has a lot of copyrighted designs on it. Please don't dl from them. We don't want to support a site that has illegal designs.

cfidl by cfidl 28 Jul 2011

I don't understand. Are the designs owned by someone other than the site owner? How can you tell?

by vickiannette 04 Aug 2010

there's a free one at Embroidery It's an American Indian theme with Kokopelli[mythical magical flute player] in the centre. I did it on some dark blue denim and it stitched great, but I should have used colours which contrasted more, so that the design stood out better.

by sewmom 03 Aug 2010

1. towel hanger
2. free one at bottom
3. DBS
I also have a free one from Artistic Thread Works. I don't know how to find it in their site if it's available for sale.

by shirlener88 03 Aug 2010

I wonder - are there any FSL Dreamcatcher's?

lv2sew by lv2sew 04 Aug 2010

yes shirlene there is..I just bought the set from emblibrary... going to stitch it out this weekend hopefully...

shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Oct 2011

you will enjoy them.

by cj2sew 03 Aug 2010

Try Designs by SICK type in dream or indian. also has some free ones.

by honeychyle 03 Aug 2010

I was also going to tell you to check Emblibrary.

by theknitter56 03 Aug 2010


There are a lot of Dream Catchers on Embroidery Library, there is a free one on

hope that helps

by kellbell 03 Aug 2010

Embroidery Library has some and are really nice.

by sewsue 03 Aug 2010

Designs by Sick has some.