by lucy1234 16 Jul 2010

I would like to know how to sew on card. How does one hoop card?


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by jjjj 16 Jul 2010

Embroidery Library is a good place to look they info on all sorts of things and good sound advice is is too. I think open type designs would work best as a filled design has too many stitches and therefore too many holes around the egde so the work may 'pop' out of the card.
I have given the link to the home page just click on Projects on the lefthand side of the page.
Welcome to cute is a grand place to start any machine embroidery related query!

bowlds by bowlds 16 Jul 2010

Also, make sure your design doesn't have any jump stitches that land somewhere it won't be covered. Otherwise, it will just leave a hole in the card where it can be seen.

jjjj by jjjj 16 Jul 2010

Very good tip. Thank you!

by keeponsewing 16 Jul 2010

Lucy What a great question. I've thought about it, but never tried it. Thanks for asking. And Welcome...

by mops Moderator 16 Jul 2010

You don't hoop the card but the stabilizer. The emblibrary video is a good one. You'll find video's on all sort of embroidery on that site as well. Worth looking when you are starting something you never did before.

judybell by judybell 16 Jul 2010

Thanks for sharing the video site. Very helpful. Judy

noah by noah 16 Jul 2010

Thanks now i know how as i was wondering the same thing!!!Carolyn

by colonies1 16 Jul 2010

thanks for asking I always wondered about that.

by celia50 16 Jul 2010

Here is another tutorial from Starbird:https://www.starbirdstockdesigns....

by shirlener88 16 Jul 2010

Welcome to the CUTE family Lucy!