by karenjay 02 Jul 2010

I keep forgetting how to post a personal message to somebody - please can someone list this information. Thanks


by karenjay 02 Jul 2010

Thanks for the info - in the past I have stumbled across it. I did know about how to access messages to me - I keep an eye on that tab for any changes to it (and sometimes just go in anc double check too- LOL) I'll go and updatge my profile too now.

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by nanniesara 02 Jul 2010

You got your answer of 2 ways of how to do it. Now if you see a + with a #on the private tab you know you have a PM. so enjoy and have fun with the family. You might want to add where your from in your profile and a little about your self. Who knows you might have a Cute friend near you. Sara

by rwalden 02 Jul 2010

I think another way is to click on the blue highlighted name above your post and click on it and it takes you to your personal info where you have a tab saying private message.

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nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 02 Jul 2010

That IS easier! I hadn't noticed before! Thank you.

by nhsmith55 02 Jul 2010

Hello Karen!
Do you see the 4 tabs for Public, Freebies, Personal and Private? You will find them above the lists of questions. Click on Private, then on Private Message. Enter the screen name of the person you want to send a message to and then your message. (I would need to write down the persons screen name and I can't remember that much info! LOL) I hope this works for you.