by trudyk 28 Jun 2010

I too am new to this site & looking for the cute Cat w/pink bow I saw last nite.can't find it now, guess I am too late? so sad but thanks for the snow scene I did get, looks very nice.



by shilly 28 Jun 2010

Welcome trudyk; as a newbie I can tell you this site is truly addictive and helpful. Lots to download, lots to learn and lots of flowers will come your way.*4u

by designgirl 28 Jun 2010


by castelyn 28 Jun 2010

Welcome to "cute" -

by babsie 28 Jun 2010

Welcome to Cute, hope you'll stay with us. This site is addictive. Hugs and a *4u.

by iris2006 28 Jun 2010

Welcome to CUTE and enjoy your visits here.

by judybell 28 Jun 2010

Welcome Trudy. Enjoy all the wonderful people on this site. God bless, Judy *4U

by shirlener88 28 Jun 2010

Trudy, welcome to the CUTE family - perhaps the cat will come back soon - we can vote for it, again if you want to. Hugs, Shirlene

by dlmds 28 Jun 2010

Trudyk, welcome to "Cute" family. There are many wonderful, helpful, talented people here. Hope you stay with us!!

by gerryvb 28 Jun 2010

welcome on cute! join the group and every day you will find new designs offered by Cute and in the "designs by cuties".
In the freebies tab of Question and answers you can get a lot of tips for free designs. So you missed the Cat but you will find a lot of other design here.Enjoy this Cute-family.

by dilceia 28 Jun 2010

Seja bem vindo !

by katydid 28 Jun 2010


by rwalden 28 Jun 2010

Sorry you missed the design. Welcome to the cute family.

by 02kar Moderator 28 Jun 2010

Welcome to the Cute family. The designs that you see on the home page change every day so downlad them when you see the designs that you like. I also encourage you to join the Cute website. The membership is for 6 months and all the designs on the website will be available to you. You can spend the 6 months downloading every design that is already on the website (and there are many pages of them) and all the designs that come out during the 6 months. No worrying about missing designs.

by holly12 28 Jun 2010

Wecome to Cuties. It's a great group & let me tell you it's addicting. Enjoy. Arlene

by melita 28 Jun 2010

Welcome to "Cute"

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Jun 2010

Welcome to a great bunch of people. Sorry you missed the cat. Every day new free designs are posted. If you want them all I would say get a membership. It is well worth it. Never a missed design. So enjoy and be careful. This site is addictive.