by damaris 21 Jun 2010

I was bored Saturday so I decorated the Christmas tree I store in my sewing room. Purple and gold 6" balls and gold imusic instruments. Merry Christmas in July early. crazy but fun


by beatie58 23 Jun 2010

Where is the photo of your tree love to see it! Christmas in July....Sally

by 02kar Moderator 21 Jun 2010

You have put me in the mood. I need to do some Christmas samples for the local shop. Gail, the owner, is having Christmas in July in a couple of weeks. So you know what I will be doing tomorrow.

by shilly 21 Jun 2010

Now you have everyone curious as to how the tree turned out; don,t wait 'till Xmas to show it to us though! Maybe your next project could be taking creative pictures of your work of art.

by honeychyle 21 Jun 2010

Do whatever makes you happy! LOL

by gerryb 21 Jun 2010

Tell folks you believe in planning ahead!!

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Jun 2010

In mid December you will be well and truely ready - unless you take your decorations down before then

by gerryvb 21 Jun 2010

BORED? okay than perhaps you can give me a link to a site where you can DL extra time? my days always have a short of time.
but hope you can add some pictures so we can see what it looks like: christmas in july in your sewing room.

by katydid 21 Jun 2010

Bored, I would say!!!Maybe it will inspire you to Christmas projects!!!!

by shirlener88 21 Jun 2010

Damaris, oh please take pictures and share it with us. Hehehe!

damaris by damaris 21 Jun 2010

I tried and tried to ost pictures befor and never got it done sorry.

damaris by damaris 21 Jun 2010

spelling boy what is a person to do when the mind is quicker than fingers

by nhsmith55 21 Jun 2010

Being bored can accomplish alot sometimes!

by spendlove Moderator 21 Jun 2010

You were BORED!?!? How do you find the time? (LOL)

by designgirl 21 Jun 2010

Well I would guess that you are ahead of the game. A very early Merry Christmas to you. I hope you don't tell us next you have your shopping done and wrapped under the tree.

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damaris by damaris 21 Jun 2010

No no shopping done. I start in Sept. Have to divide it up because of limited income