by blhamblen 09 Jun 2010

I think I should PLAY the Lottery TODAY!!!

My flowers total is 30330...THANX to ALL of you, my CUTE family and friends :)


by judybell 09 Jun 2010

Here's another for you.

by gerryvb 09 Jun 2010

your lucky number isn't there for long: 30337 now :)but all the friendship here at cute is priceless, so perhaps you don't need another price.

by designgirl 09 Jun 2010

Here is another. Our Lottery here on Friday is 50 million dollars on the first ticket and 10 other prizes of 10 million each. If we win I know where I will be making a donation. Wish us luck.

by kathyjt 09 Jun 2010

Here's one more *4u