by redhotrn65 06 Jun 2010

download aqua-santa golf designs in PES. Two come up but the other reads unrecognizable format. Can someone help?


by aaltje1910 18 Mar 2012

where is the link?

by thecraftycritter 06 Jun 2010

If you use the free download "Pulse Ambassador" to convert files. The golf clubs design is a PES 6, I think - right click on it to get the drop down box, click "Unlock" at the bottom of the properties box. Then open in "Pulse" it wouldn't save it as a VP3, but it did save as a HUS which I could then convert to VP3 in 4D. If you are using some other programs or need different file formats "Pulse" is one way of getting them to where you can use them url follows:

It needs to access the internet so when it opens make sure to tell your security program to allow it to do so.

Hope this helps

redhotrn65 by redhotrn65 06 Jun 2010


aaltje1910 by aaltje1910 18 Mar 2012

no need to give permission for internet access to convert!