by nouveau 06 Jun 2010

If I want to draw my own design to have converted to an embroidery pattern, what format do I use?


by bevgrift 24 Jun 2010

Everyone will appreciate Your Drawings in whatever format you could provide.I have also thought that cuties could do with free art drawings and no copyrite issues.Maybe lots of cuties will love to add their own also.I believe that if one can hold a pencil (Foot or Mouth) one can draw.
Looking forward to taking part.
From Bev

by nouveau 07 Jun 2010

Thanks you all!

by mops Moderator 06 Jun 2010

I prefer a jpeg or bmp to digitize with both Embird and 3D.

by mooie24 06 Jun 2010

I prefer to work from bmp images,
I can use this format in my embird for digitizing
as well as my vinyl design software as well.
Big hugs from London
Mooie xxx

by nouveau 06 Jun 2010

I am wondering what format of clip art do you all use to digitize from. (I could draw designs to give to digitizers to create embroidery patterns if they wanted to.) I have a Bernina and know what format my machine uses, but for others too.

by psssst 06 Jun 2010

From what I understand if you save your drawing in png format it is the easiest to work with to turn into an embroidery design.

nouveau by nouveau 06 Jun 2010

I'll look into this one thanks. Can you use any other formats as well?

psssst by psssst 06 Jun 2010

I beleive the next most easy format would be the jpeg

by shirlener88 06 Jun 2010

What sort of machine do you have? What format do you already use in your machine? That is what format you will want to convert your design into.