by ddoersch 03 Jun 2010

I am looking for a design of a bichon frise. Can anyone help. I have seen the ones on Embroidery Library but do not care for them... Thanks in advance. Darlene


by ddoersch 05 Jun 2010

Thank you all, I have some good ones to choose from!

by claudenicolas 04 Jun 2010

dear darlene, at creative designthere is the heads of many breed of dogs. I put you the link to bichon frisé .I have done a quilt cover with 39 of these designs, they stitch out very fine, and the heads are very realistic, it looks like charcoal pictures.Hope it helps

by evajungermann 04 Jun 2010

Dakota has a wide range of dog breed designs, very nice and of good quality I think.

by softhearted1 03 Jun 2010

Look under Breeds on the Embird site. I have used their designs and they stitch out great :)

claudenicolas by claudenicolas 04 Jun 2010

The designs of the dogs are very realistic, but I have not found the prices, can you hel^me?

softhearted1 by softhearted1 04 Jun 2010

to find out the price, you have to put a check mark in the small box at the left side of the design

by shirlener88 03 Jun 2010


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1ladyb by 1ladyb 04 Jun 2010

I have the one from Advanced embroidery and it stitches out wonderful. I didn't use the bluish colors on it but otherwise it is a great design. I looks like my dog when he is all groomed and pretty.