by blhamblen 02 Jun 2010

I'm seeing designs designated as "MYLAR" ......could you tell me what that means? Or how you would use them differently from any other design??? THANX in advance :)


by sandralochran 05 Jun 2010

Thanks for asking this /\.I was just about to do the same and saw yours

by psssst 05 Jun 2010

A lot of info at this site

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blhamblen by blhamblen 09 Jun 2010

Thanks for this REALLY answers ALL the questions:)

by gramsbear 05 Jun 2010

Thanx for asking this question! I have been wondering these things to!!! And a big Thanx to all that answered!!! Hugs, Judy

by blhamblen 05 Jun 2010

What happens when you wash Mylar designs on clothing?

by blhamblen 02 Jun 2010

So do you use a piece of mylar like applique???

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ron111otter by ron111otter 02 Jun 2010

Yes you do. Then tear it off gently when you have embroidered the design. I have just used this on two designs, and when I can get hold of some more mylar, I will be embroidering everything that stands still!

by sissibrode 02 Jun 2010

Barb, Mylar is a sort of iridescent paper or plastic that is integrated into an embroidery and it gives nice reflections (cute with butterfly design)