by simplyrosie 09 May 2010

My poor little dog tested positive for heart worm today. I just got her about 2 months ago and evidently the previous owner didn't find it necessary to put her on heart guard (even though Texas is infested with mosquitoes!). The really sad thing is there is only one company that distributed the treatment for heart worms and they are no longer manufacturing the cure. So..... I guess we have to wait it out and see if my little girl makes it.

Please keep "Lady Bug" in your prayers. teri


by moyed 10 May 2010

My heart and prayers go out to you for safe treament of your Lady Bug.
My furry babies are very precious to me and I am always upset when they are sick

by dlonnahawkins 10 May 2010

Teri - that is rough. My daughter went through this with her rescue lab. It is very rough on the poor dogs, and as rough on the owners. Chase made it through all of it, and has become quite the protector of my daughter. So said what some of these dogs have to go through. Florida is like Texas, and all dogs should take the heart worm medication, but so many don't administer it to their dogs. Too sad. Hope your little Lady Bug will pull through this.

by simplyrosie 10 May 2010

Thank you all for your prayers! Merial (distributor for immiticide) was able to give my vet enough serum to treat Lady Bug! She will undergo injections beginning this Friday. Please keep her in prayer my friends... this is very risky and can kill her (kind of like cancer... does cancer kill the patient or chemo, know what I mean?).

by castelyn 10 May 2010

Teri, she is so cute. Hope everything works out for you. My thoughts are with you. - Hugs Yvonne

by lindaavolio 10 May 2010

Hi Teri,
I feel horrible about 'Lady Bug' ... hope you find some heart worm medication for her soon.


by gerryb 10 May 2010

pray the meds come for Ladybug! keep us posted.

by meganne 09 May 2010

Teri. latest news is below, but more importantly I found a site where you can purchase it on prescription, which you should be able to fax to them there is a phone number on the site also.
I do hope you read this quickly.

Merial Extends Supply of Immiticide
Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 6:49 p.m., EDT

Merial Extends Supply of ImmiticideAnimal health company Merial of Duluth, Ga., has identified an alternative supplier for its heartworm treatment product, Immiticide, after recently informing veterinarians that it was in limited supply.

The product’s active ingredient was no longer available from its manufacturer – the only U.S. source of the compound, Merial said. However, the company plans to continue to provide this product to veterinarians in the same way it has these past few months, said spokeswoman Natasha Mahanes.

The alternative source for melarsomine is one that already makes it for the European and international markets. However, gaining U.S. regulatory approval for the new manufacturer will take time, Merial said.

For now, Merial has instituted a temporary measure to extend the product supply and continue to make it available to veterinarians. Through a restricted distribution program initiated in agreement with the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), veterinarians with an immediate need to treat a dog with heartworm disease are allowed to buy Immiticide containing melarsomine manufactured by the alternate supplier.

This product must be purchased directly through Merial. It is not available through Merial’s distributors. Merial is continuing to work closely with FDA-CVM and the new melarsomine supplier to gain FDA approval for this alternate facility and return to full supply of Immiticide as soon as possible.

Veterinarians interested in purchasing Immiticide should call Merial Technical Solutions at 888-637-4251, option 1.

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meganne by meganne 09 May 2010

URL # 3 is the sale site.

by meganne 09 May 2010

Dearest Teri I am sending you the Angel of Animals to watch over your Lady Bug. I will pray that she recovers without any permanent damage.
Hugs and love, Meganne

by blhamblen 09 May 2010

AWWW Teri, she is just the cutest...You are in my thoughts......Hope Everything works out for the BEST!!!

by simplyrosie 09 May 2010

I will be calling around tomorrow to other vets in the area to see if they have any immiticide (the medication used to kill heart worms). In the mean time, I was able to get a hold of my vet in San Diego and they have just enough to treat Lady Bug, but they have to speak with their director before releasing the meds to my vet here in Texas.

PLEASE pray that the LORD would soften their hearts to send the vile to Denton. Thank you! :-)

GOD is in control... no matter what happens. Hugs, teri

sorval by sorval 09 May 2010

i hope they send you the medicens
and she is so lovely
hugs Sonja

joann13100 by joann13100 09 May 2010

Just don't give up--persistence pays off when it comes to sick animals. She is a doll. Give her a pet on the head from me.

meganne by meganne 09 May 2010

Try the vets on Ebay Teri, I purchase all my pet products from Ebay Vets.
Hugs n love Meg

karma by karma 10 May 2010

Awe she is beautiful - hug her 4 me xxx

crafter2243 by crafter2243 11 May 2010

Too cute. I hope everything turns out alright and they will find a way to get rid of the heartworms.

by lenamae 09 May 2010

poor baby .I know there is medication out there just check with a vet my vet gets them.

by debleerl 09 May 2010

Terry, Check with MarjiAlexa. She may know where to get heartworm medicine. Good luck and don't give up.

by joann13100 09 May 2010

Call around to other vets. Some of them stock piled the safer heart worm medication before it went off the market. My friend just rescued a dog here in Central Texas and it has stage 2 heart worms. her vet had stocked up on the meds before it no longer was available. Supposedly, there are other treatments, but not as safe. I'd be checking around all the vets in the area. Don't give up. You are Lady Bug's advocate. If you don't save her, and fight for her, no one else will. Always fight for the ones you love.

by karma 09 May 2010

I'm so sorry to hear this - I have never heard of Heart worm, I do hope "Lady Bug" gets better & I will pray for her right now it's so upsetting when our pets get poorly big hugs 4 you too xxx

by auntbaba 09 May 2010

Teri,I'm sorry to hear about Lady Bug, but don't give up. Many of the dog rescue groups know where to obtain the meds that she might need. Do some research, and you might come up with something that can help her. I'll ask my friend, whose hubby is a vet, if there is something he can recommend.

Love to you and Lady Bug,

by 02kar Moderator 09 May 2010

I am so so sorry. It isn't funny now with a loved one's life at stake. Ladybug has my prayers for a full recovery and strength and comfort for you. Please keep us informed on Ladybug's condition.

by psssst 09 May 2010

Perhaps this article will help you

by smithandsmith 09 May 2010

so sorry to hear about your little dog. Wishing it will get better soon,
Hugs Lee

by jacquipaul 09 May 2010

So sorry for this dilema Teri; have had two dogs who lived long with heart worm.
Will keep your little Lady Bug in my prayers.

by shirlener88 09 May 2010

Oh Teri - I do feel for you - I will be praying for you cute "Lady Bug" - you are always in my heart, too.