by free3wil 01 May 2010

towels or maybe even I will get smart and do some pillowcases. Any way I use them, they will be beautiful. Thanks again for all the hard work.


by dilceia 02 May 2010

Obrigado por este post. Também gostei do alfabeto de "buttrhexe4 . Eles são ótimos para travesseiro e toalhas de banho.

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by designgirl 02 May 2010

I agree, thanks to butterhexe4 for your wonderful designs.

by edenandandrea 02 May 2010

Thanks - I love her designs too. Look forward to seeing more of them

by eleen 02 May 2010

Agree - thank you

by twee 02 May 2010

ditto to the comments. They are lovely. Thanks

by jacquipaul 01 May 2010

Conny is a doll! I have not seen her lately; do you think she is vacationing?
Her designs are perfectly wonderful, and I'm excited to stitch some out, especially since my son is newly engaged to a lovely girl from Germany, and she loves pretty designs.
Thanks for posting this, and especially thanks to Conny for all of her work and generosity in sharing her designs.

by beatie58 01 May 2010

I think they are gorgeous too! Thanks Butterhexe4.