by april22 20 Mar 2010

Sorry to the freebies at the wrong place, but there would be no more respect for all here who already like to have a place we all come from different countries and sometimes not all equally well read or write English, I do not interrupt me, find it funny


by lenamae 22 Mar 2010

I love this site but I do not have the time to go to every posting on the site If it is posted here I read it if it is someplace else I miss it I am happy that some free designs are listed here Please keep it up. Love you all and don't see why every one can not love every one and not find falts with any thing. treat every one the way you want to be treated Be kind to every one love hugs and flowers Lenamae

by msfancyvip 22 Mar 2010

Such wonderful souls here. Flowers for everyone! It is so very hard to realistically understand the true intent behind anyones posts, since there is no way to get the affliction across, it is very easy to take a negative connotation from a post when in fact no negativity was intended...atleast I HOPE that is the case most of the time anyway. I love freebies anywhere I can find them!!! Thanks for sharing the wealth April22. ~Rita

by dilceia 22 Mar 2010

I agree with you!

by dilceia 22 Mar 2010

I agree with you!

by robinbird 21 Mar 2010

I hope to brighten your day April also with a flower. We all know "to err is human but to forgive is divine". So just smile ,enjoy this site & God's blessings. :~D

by clawton 21 Mar 2010

If this was in response to my posting, I wasn't trying to give anyone a hard time. Just a friendly reminder especially to those that are new. There were reasons for the changes. I'm sure Veronika would appreciate us using the site as she developed it. The site does not have a moderator therefore it is up to us to use it as intended.

maryanns66 by maryanns66 21 Mar 2010

It just seems there is a select few that it really bothers if someone shares a freebie site here. Yet all kinds of announcements and sharing of deaths, illnesses, births of grandchildren, etc. are also posted here. Why aren't those posted in "Personal". No one ever gives a "friendly reminder" to those members telling them to post in the "Personal" area of the site.

I know Veronika gave permission for happy birthday wishes to be posted here, so that's not an issue anymore.

It just seems the 'freebies' that are posted here that people get bent out of shape over. Why can't a few be overlooked and everyone just say thank you or nothing at all, and move on to the next topic they are interested in?

rmj8939 by rmj8939 22 Mar 2010

here here. I agree. such pettiness.

by gerryb 20 Mar 2010

Don't worry. It's ok. Sometimes I will start to write something & stop as the people READING my post can't hear my joking tone of voice or see my grin as I say it. So it's usually just safer to help answer questions & give suggestions!! But I'm sure 99% of the folks are happy to be in this group & happy to have you here!!

by bokkieborduur 20 Mar 2010

These ladies that like to snaped at others, "GOT NOTHING TO DO" and are frustrated. So let it be. Love Marie

by cathiejones 20 Mar 2010

Sorry if we are human, we make mistakes!

I think some of you become very picky at the moment and jump on others throt who makes the smallest mistake or if we come out the passge and put our feet to the wrong place.
What a big deel if post to the wrong place just once or if we answer to a public answer and get carried away to answer the question a private way !!

Eh COOL ! we are here to have fun and a good time, to share a pation.

Anangel is right BE HAPPY !
Cathie Jones who loves you all

PS:I am upset because somebody snap me earlier on.
I've turned off my computer and promised myself not to come back to the cuties for a week !
But I love you too much it only lasted one hour !!!

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maryanns66 by maryanns66 20 Mar 2010

I agree, there is a very small group trying to ruin this site for everyone by continuing to find such unimportant mistakes others make in their postings.
The owner is the one in charge...not them!!

by hanna56 20 Mar 2010

I try not to forget, that everything at this site people make freely and cut their time for others to share and please
By the way I thank everyone is sharing this wonderful craftings. I'm very blessed trough all that effort
Send you a flower

by anangel 20 Mar 2010

April, I think that is what makes life so wonderful and
interesting is that we are all so different and unique in our own way. I laugh at human error from everyone, because I err so frequently myself! Never let others spoil your day; be happy, cause God loves you just the
way you are! Enjoy this site; there are more nice people on here, than rude ones! Welcome!

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gramsbear by gramsbear 20 Mar 2010

Thanx Angel, I have beeen snapped at several timesw in the3 past, and quit Cute several times, but now I just figure it is the complainers problem and I choose to not make it mine!!! Hugs, Judy...

by camylow 20 Mar 2010

Gonna brighten your day with another deanna

by maryanns66 20 Mar 2010

Please don't be discouraged from coming here. There are just a handful of members who it seems to bother if something is posted in the 'wrong section'. And none of those member own this site. It is up to the owner to try to make it easy for sharing. The members who complain about where something is posted do not own this site!

Many here appreciate sharing no matter 'what section' a member post in. Thank you for sharing.

joann13100 by joann13100 20 Mar 2010

Ladies (and Gentlemen), don't let the bad apples rent space in your head. Be joyful and try to spread some happiness to another person.
I work in a public service job, and I find there are always several people that no matter what you give them for free, they want something else and complain if you don't have it to give to them also for free. The other 95 percent of folks are fine to deal with, but there's always a few that are just hard to please. Thanks for spoting the free designs and alerting the group.

maryjo by maryjo 20 Mar 2010

Oh.. I love that "rent space in your head". What a wonderful descriptive saying. Never heard it before. May be my new favorite. Hope you don't mind if I use it.