by travis 17 Mar 2010

I am misssing the E on the swan font Please vote for that one ,,thanks


by mops Moderator 18 Mar 2010

The firebird O is up to 117 votes, your E has only 32. You can check those numbers when you go to Alphabets and then use the 'Top in 24 hr' tab. If you can afford it, get a membership, nothing beats that.

by dilceia 17 Mar 2010

Travis, eu preciso falar com vocĂȘ. Meu e-mail. <br />

by mops Moderator 17 Mar 2010

The Firebird O has 76 votes at the moment, you'll never beat that although we vote every day. There are just too many people voting for the firebird alpha. I'm sorry, but you'll have to buy it to get it.