by modo 13 Mar 2010

-What is the name of the materiel that is made with 65% polyester 35% cotton?

-Is there a way to différence between that matériel and 100% cotton?
-Is it ok to make quilt with that matériel?
-Is there a way to know the front from the back of that matériel?


by kttyhwk4 13 Mar 2010

broadcloth...sure you can use any material for quilts, just it is best to use the same material throughout the quilt. As to the front and the back of the material...I don't have a clue just pick the side you like best and stick with that. Have fun!

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modo by modo 14 Mar 2010

Thank you

by mpo14011 13 Mar 2010

That might be poly cotton.
It feels different to 100% cotton. You will have to feel both to be able to compare it. Usually polyester or poly cotton has less stretch then cotton.
It is OK to make a quilt with it even though 100% cotton is recommended.Just make sure that you use only that type of fabric on one quilt and don't mix your fabrics. If there is a slight difference in thickness it will ruin the look of your quilt, because you will not be able to match up the pieced blocks.
If it looks the same front and back, you can use either side.

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modo by modo 14 Mar 2010

Thank you

by lenamae 13 Mar 2010

it is perma press I do know that but any thing else I don't know.

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modo by modo 14 Mar 2010


by iris2006 13 Mar 2010

1 I don't know
2 I dont know
3 I used it for a quilt with good results
4 Sometimes you cannot see the difference between front and back of material.

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modo by modo 14 Mar 2010