by marlakay 09 Mar 2010

I just posted a project - cell phone cases. I also looked at my other projects that I had posted to see if there was something else that I have made that I haven't posted.

I noticed that there is a project posted that is not mine! Is anyone missing a posting with the name of "white doily" ??
It looks like a snowflake with the name granny in cursive.
A few months ago, I noticed that my posting of a stained glass dragon fly design on a towel no longer had my picture attached to it. Instead there was a picture of an embroidered shirt that I did not do.


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by cissie03 10 Mar 2010

Yep, I had that with my latest project, changed the photo. Maybe someone else has now a cute dog applique

by dlmds 10 Mar 2010

Could be with the change over. H&*

by katydid 10 Mar 2010

I have the wrong photo come up sometimes, but that is due to my error. I am unable to preview what I post. I have a new computer , a new photo program and new windows 7 and I don't know about them. Once it comes up wrong, I can go back and edit it.

by iris2006 10 Mar 2010

I see you've got some answers I just pass a flower to you

by gerryvb 10 Mar 2010

never had this my self, but I think that's why Miss Veronika is working on this to solve these kind of problems.

by sewmom 09 Mar 2010

Yes, I've seen a lot of those in the last few months. There was a Design by Cutie that no one could find because it had a picture of a Cutie instead of the design. Also, I uploaded a picture of my sewing area and I checked the post weeks later and the picture had changed to something completely different. Hopefully the new server will take care of some of these problems.

by meganne 09 Mar 2010

double post, sorry.Hugs and roses, Meganne

by meganne 09 Mar 2010

You may have missed the post from Miss Veronika that she is upgrading to a new Server and transferring everything over to it.
While this process is taking place there are bound to be many unexplained problems and she has requested our help in advising her of any that we may find.
There is a link below where you can do that and I am sure she will be very grateful.
Hugs and roses, Meganne

by castelyn 09 Mar 2010

Yes a while back I also had a picture in my projects that was not mine. It was from somebody else's posting. It was a little girl praying.Did not think of posting into Community SORRY - I just deleted it and reload my picture .Hugs Yvonne

by grandmapapers 09 Mar 2010

I noticed one of my posts had someone's picture on it. I wonder what is going on. I went in and edited it and put the right picture back on.