by jeanh 05 Mar 2010

I am willing to pay for your services, I just don't have the software to digitize myself. I appreciate any offers. Thanks.


by pennifold 09 Mar 2010

Hi Jean and welcome to Cute. First of all what an amazingly beautiful design. I love the Holy Spirit encompassing the cross and I am not sure but I feel as if the blue circle is to represent the waters of life. Whatever it means - it's a truly spiritual design and I pray someone can do it for you.

Love and blessings Chris (Newcastle, Australia)

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jeanh by jeanh 10 Mar 2010

Thank you so much, Chris! The design is beautiful and I would truly love to help the Church by embroidering it on their shirts but I haven't found anyone to digitize the logo for me yet. Hopefully, someone will be able to do it before long. I'm not sure of the meaning of the logo as it is not my Church but it really is beautiful. Thanks again.

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by jeanh 09 Mar 2010

Thank you all so very much for your answers. I'm attempting to download the photo, hope it works. You are all such wonderful people! I'm sure glad I found this site. Thanks again.

by harddrive4x4 05 Mar 2010

Here is a link for free software. I do not know much about I do have it on my computer. I played around with just a Little. not enough to know how good it is. But it is free.

Jan K.

by gramsbear 05 Mar 2010

Sounds like thisrequest is covered for you. Hugs...

by manami 05 Mar 2010

Hi Jeanh, I would digitize it for you, but I see you got help already :) Isn't Cute family wonderful? Love and blessings, Yoriko

by loish 05 Mar 2010

Here is a link to one of marjialexa's tutorials. She has been kind enough to make a lot of them on how to use the features of the Cute site. To see others, just click on 'tutorial' in the list of tags on the left of your screen. Highly recommended.
Hope this helps. Love, Lois

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jeanh by jeanh 20 Mar 2010

Thank you so much for your help.

by mpo14011 05 Mar 2010

I could try to digitize it for you but need to see a picture first. You can see some logos and designs I have digitized privately for other people.
You can also contact me via my web site.

by castelyn 05 Mar 2010

Please post a picture of the logo here so we can see what you are wanting. thanks Yvonne

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jeanh by jeanh 20 Mar 2010

Thank you Yvonne. I'm still trying to learn how to navigate around the site. Not really good at it but I do love all of you.

by loish 05 Mar 2010

Welcome to Cute! Hope you will love it as much as we all do. No doubt someone will answer soon. You might get a better response if they could see a picture of the logo so they would know how easy or difficult it might be before they offer. Good luck. Lois

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jeanh by jeanh 05 Mar 2010

How do I post a picture? It is a cross with swirls of colors around it. I can email the logo but don't know how to post a picture. Thanks.

by daisy530 05 Mar 2010

Good luck finding someone--I know there are some VERY talented digitizers here :)

by lbrow 05 Mar 2010

I'm sure someone will b along to help u out soon *