by chubbylilblkcat 01 Mar 2010

I will at some point be getting the embroidery magic but was wondering if there is anything else out there free or cheap I could use now with my fonts.

Thanks soo much..


by mariahail 01 Mar 2010

Stitch Era Universal is about 30.00 you can do so much with it!!!!***

by damaris 01 Mar 2010

I guess I don't know what you mean. I have Ped basic and I use fonts all the time. Or do you mean digitize them?

mariahail by mariahail 01 Mar 2010

I guess her question is like maybe to do a name or something like that, I do not know how to do it either.Glad you are backxoxoxox0x0x0!!!!****

damaris by damaris 01 Mar 2010

thank you

by sanjoy51 01 Mar 2010

Hello Julie, I started out with the ped basic software as well and was lucky enough to get the pe design 7 on ebay for cheaper than in the store. I also looked at the embroidery magic. At the same time I was also looking at Ann The Grans Express fonts and I had a trial and they were good but I wanted everything together in one program. But the fonts from Ann the Gran were affordable as well as easy and good. I could have the spelling wrong I havent been there for a bit, I think it is Xpress or something like that. I hope this helps. Sandra H. Australia